What will take place contained by the UK if you knock someone out contained by public? and run?

surely if there werent cctv cameras, the police will do nothing. some 20 ppl next to baseball bats attacked my friend's friend and he went to hospital but he assumed they be above the law that they will attack his family and thought the police would do nil nor hav evidence so he did nothing. and someone else got shot and he know who did it because he had a dispute with a guy (who hired the gunman). and afterwards theres loads of people around an area are hench near keychains and knives walking around. wtf?
All over the world Al Qa`ida has influence. They go drugs, launder illicit dope money in the oil market from this and even the sale of "less harmful" illicit dope. They hold thus more money than most police offices. In New Mexico, I was cut of a law enforcement team nearly wipe out by such drug dealing murderous thugs. In Maine, I was part of a tenet enforcement team nearly wiped out by such drug dealing murderous thugs, and within the UK I was told to get on a plane or a fellow would shoot my intact family.

People world wide presume that smoking pot is great recreation. All it buys is bad criminal situations, such as your friend man beaten down. Even in cases wherein it is at one remove connected to such abuse, it is indirectly connected to said same type of situation by giving even honest police officers interval, AS WELL AS BY FUNDING THE PLACEMENT OF BAD OFFICERS, JUDICIAL EMPLOYEES AND EVEN BAD, EVIL MEAN AND NASTY LAW MAKERS.

Ask me some day which Mr. Bush I shot after he raped and attempted to murder a co-worker in a federal agency ! You cannot obtain much nastier than that.

Neither she nor I got rich off it; no, Al Qa`ida is a acquire out of jail free card bought by pot. And yes, he did become President ANYWAY.

So, if you aren't part of the solution ~ and likelihood are more than equal you aren't, it's likely you are in certainty FUNDING YOUR OWN ATTACKERS, BY BUYING POT, COCAINE AND OR HEROIN.


Drivel. You haven't heard of punctuation, capitalisation or sentence construction then?
You are misinformed Dear. The YOI where on earth I work is full of young men doing long sentences for GBH, gun crimes, drugs, manslaughter etc etc.

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