How to bring police disclosure?

anyone know anything about this disclosure(police varification) thing? i neeed lend a hand pleasseee! anybody know hot to get it or how do yu get fresh one if yu've done sume wrong during applying for th first one? :p :p :p
In the US we have the FOIA where we hold to file a request, or take it to court & it's covered below full disclosure. I have no idea roughly speaking the UK
Depending on the bag you are asking to have disclosed and what portions of the file you call for.
If the case is over, a mater of court records and transcripts of the database.
If the case has not one to trial or is still contained by the arraignment plea stages, nothing can be said until the case have been to trial (rights of the accused and a party trial)
If you're in the UK you can apply for a basic disclosure, if that's what you want, online through disclosurescotland. Details here:…

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