Why are muslims who profess to despise the western culture ...?

So keen to come to England that they are prepared to travel many hundreds of miles surrounded by the back of a lorry to get here?
Probably criminals who would have their head cut off if they stayed in their own country.
because they want to take over your country by over populating it with themselves.
Hypocrites....selective hate of selective aspects of our cultures, strange how they love nice cars,smartphones,benifit systems,western rage labels blah blah...they like their women to cover up, and disapprove of western women wearing short skirts......but they still stir out and in many cases rape or seduce them........near is actually a high proportion of rapes carried out within western Europe by sexually repressed muslim males....they talk of peace even though their males make up the sizeable proportion of prison populations across Europe....as i say hypocrites... Source(s): the truth Why do animals gather around a watering hole?
Exactly ,, better standard of living and benefits are the reason .. and loads of them wish to get out of poverty .. OK as long as they contribute to society ,, adopt British customs and dump most of the childish claptrap they come here with .
Same contained by the USA. The muslims complain all day long nearly America, then go to Disneyland.
Why did Saddam's boys DRINK resembling fishes, watch porn and smoke Cuban cigars? Hypocrites.

Most Muslims do not despise the western culture at all but some hold concerns about some aspects of it - just close to the rest of us. Muslims are less sexually permissive than most Western people but not smaller quantity so than committed Christians. In answer Muslims who come to England believe they will be happier and safer here and their children will have a better life. Those few who attack Western culture or ill-treat the system are worthless scum but we have ample western born scum of our own anyway.
If you lived surrounded by the stone age and looked over the river and saw people well nurture well clothed and prosperous without the day by day fight to stave of starvation, wouldn't you take a coincidence and swim the river , But most Intelligent people would keep near head down and enjoy the benefits the second thing they would do is start wailing they want their primitive religion forced on the population they have combined . But i forget they come from the stone age
It is their modus operandi to rule the world. First to dominate your culture over time and then insist on installing sharia law. You christians better start praying for a revival within England. "Those who are called by my name (christians) should want my face, repent & pray. God will hear your prayers and heal your nation". Source(s): The Holy Bible! It's adjectives been said. Part of a plan to out breed us. Unfortunately we in UK hold been so sedated with small screen, football, rock music and other forms of Godless clap trap that we can't see the danger!

Return to the God of your Fathers England!!
they aren't the same muslims
So that they can turn unbroken areas of towns and cities into the shite holes they are used to living in. that and the generous benefits hand to them in a plate.Well said Gary and George
True Andrew, so true.
The same thing that illegals cross the US border claiming it's within the search of work to make their existence better and bring mexico with them!!
A deep and wicked discuss for the US and are not willing to make their country a place of prosperity!! Is mexico that much of a debris dump?!

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