Can you join together the RAF near Clubfoot (Talipies)?

I'm 15, and i want to join the RAF later on within life, but i have Clubfoot. Would i still know how to join?
Your nearest Royal Air Force recruitment crux will be able to give you adjectives the information you need.
The fact that you hold a disability may not prevent your opportunity of joining the RAF. Source(s): I served 23 years and had wonderful time. The best of luck to you. Im also 15 and want to join the RAF as a PTI. I hold Hayfever and Athletes Foot. Just went work experience with them and its fine. Really i dont know what clubfoot is.…

I basically looked at what it was. The chances are low it is a disability and its really dos'nt look devout but just ring up the AFCO to check Source(s):… and went Work Experience (Cosford)

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