I own a different sutuation on the subject of nouns at PC World !!?

I was caught first time for shoplifting of lb70 worth of stuff but the coordinator there asked me to pay for the stuff and also gave me a banning dispatch, detailing my name and address (no police called), accross all PC World, Currys etc shops.Now my press is Would I have a police record and also What would be the veto period? Is it going to affect my student visa extension and job go through in future? (NO JUDGEMENTS PLEASE)
They own dealt with it internally, lacking involving the police or in due course the courts. Thus you will not have a criminal diary, the only people who know just about your thieving are you and PC World/Currys. As to how long this ban lasts, who know? It's up to them.

All that will happen is that if they happen to spot you contained by one of their stores they will show you the door. The police will not be involved.

There is no "official" record of this, so your visa etc. will not be affected.

You be lucky, most of the time stores call the police when they catch thieve.
Dirty thief, you deserve a record.
The answer is within your question.

"no police called".
You can only capture a criminal record if you are charged and convicted.

If no police were call then this would not have happen.

The banning period is as long as the store requests it to be - probably life unless you can persuade them otherwise.

It won't affect anything as the merely record of this rests in the files of PC World etc. and you hold no reason to declare it contained by applications etc.
if police not called, then its between you and the company and specifically as far it will go. nothing else.
the veto period is going to be anything from a year to life.
ask the company.

if you break that rejection, the police will then be called!. simple.

it will not affect your visa unless police get involved, then its on record.

JUDGEMENT!; don't come to the UK if your going to finale up doing this, and once you leave, please don't come back.

the home organization should reject you for life !. Source(s): police officer doesnt look like you own a criminal record, just a rule out from their stores. so it shouldnt affect your employment (except obviously they wont let you work for them)
sounds resembling you were lucky, and as for how long the ban is, probably forever unless it say on the letter they gave you
Yes it should affect your visa !

They should own contacted the police. We don't need dirty thieving scum close to you in our country.

For the question, should be minimum 12 month impediment
We have enough cheap thieve in Britain. Go home, you are not wanted here.

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