Please read my view on how the Conservatives should knob the budget deficit and report to me your opinion?

1. Job seeker's Allowance: Instead of paying lb120 a fortnight to scroungers and slobs, why not force people to work on the streets doing menial job like cleaning them up on minimum wage so that the hours they work amount to what they would get on the dole anyway until they can find better work? That style, there would be no need for an severance gap in ones CV, plus the streets would be much cleaner, and race would have less time to drink themselves to a stupor or pinch drugs.

2. Increase tax on junk food, cigarettes and alcohol? As here are many alcoholics, junk food addict and chain smokers, they would pay the extra money to nurture their habit, plus it could also act as a deterrent within a few cases.

3. Workers who earn below lb12,000 per year should pay no tax, but above that, the amount of rates that you pay is dependent on income. So, if you earn lb500,000 per year, you would have to compensate lb200,000 tax per year (that's well adequate for anybody to live on).

4. Change the education system by not making the national curriculum not so academically oriented, but more relevant to adjectives employment e.g. in Maths, when teaching algebra, drill them to use the algebra in real enthusiasm situations and on the PC on Microsoft Excel etc.

5. The dangers of a poor education within early life should be brainwashed into young-looking children from an early age in my view. If a child wanted to achieve pious grades hard enough, they could procure good GCSEs by learning surrounded by a garden shed! So, don't repair schools that aren't unsafe.

6. All foreign criminals to get deported from this country, and the United Kingdom should sign out of the European Union to close our borders to finish the influx of cheap labour. That way, smaller amount money would be needed to pay for their hospital treatment, schooling, housing etc.

7. Don't throw criminals for minor or petty crimes into prison because prisons are now becoming overcrowded, and they basically breed more crime. Also, less rights for life servers, and use these prisons as toil camps like Auschwitz for the production of materials and to verbs up coal.

8. Ban incapacity benefits for those who are in that position through their own doing i.e. being extremely overweight, addicted to heroin etc.

9. Go out penny picking hahaha :D

There's bound to be at smallest lb1,654,431,039.78 in waste money lying around on the floor or within peoples drawers, kitchens etc.
1.There is so much wrong near your first point I don’t even know where to start. This Government is going to make 1.3 million family unemployed over the next 5 years. That is currently culture working who wont be, people who want to work but cant because there isn’t any job. So you force them out to work on minimum wage to clean streets etc which in turn would put relations who currently clean streets on the dole. I am assuming you are either a child or never face unemployment? I have after working for 20 years I become a scrounger and slob for approx 3 months last year. I spent most of the time applying for job and now have one, paying 40% import tax. If I was forced to do menial jobs I wouldn’t hold had the time to find a job.

2.I agree next to you on this point – as long as 1) money was set aside to assist people come stale alcohol and 2) children don’t suffer. The average alcoholic parent would still find money for booze even if it spent a lower proportion of income on food for their children

3.Your maths is way out on this. Firstly I don’t believe in taking anyone out of the tariff system. You take responsibility for things you pay for. I agree beside those earning less paying smaller number but they should pay something. Also somebody earning lb500,000 currently pays lb236,279.60 within tax and NI so you are losing tax at the bottom cessation by lifting almost half the population out of tax and lowering for the intensely top earners. So I assume that people who earn more than lb12k a year but less than right to be heard lb200,000 pay. You’ve lost my vote there.

4. I am not sure how this will halt the deficit but I agree that some of the education system needs to be base around real life.

5. Why do you suggest that companies spend millions of pounds in design and building new office for their employees? Do you really think the owners and shareholders do it out of the honesty of their heart? Or do they do it because it improves the output from their workforce? Why should the same not be true of children? Again I am assuming you are youthful and didn’t go to school below thatchers regime where the buckets weren’t used for waste serious newspaper but to catch the rain dripping through the roof and you have to sit with your coats on because the heating have broken. Believe me you cannot learn in that environment.

6. Agree beside all foreign criminals to be deported from the UK – most already are incidentally. But disagree with coming out of the EU. We would lose are biggest trading partner and we would also lose the right to work in a foreign country meaning we would have almost as frequent ex pat engineers, architects and senior managers coming back to the UK to replace the fish farm labours, warehouse operatives and general pains from Eastern Europe. It wouldn’t work.

7. So we accept petty crimes as acceptable in recent times because prisons are overcrowded? No – build more and look into preventing crime. I think you need to enjoy a look into what Auschwitz was – it wasn’t a labour military camp it was a death military camp!

8. Again I agree as long as help is available for people to come bad their addictions.
Wow. I bring comment on YA accusing me of being too right wing but compared to you I'm definitive 'lefty'. You're right, of course, contained by addressing these issues but we still live in a democracy and you'd find yourself next to a low vote.. 'Brain washing' young children is WRONG though many religious leaders and some parents practise it. Your suggestions for the treatment of petty criminals are daft. I have visited Belsen and Dachau. The awfulness of the conditions those poor innocents endure has left me next to a profound distaste for extremist politics. Source(s): I'm a Tory voter and believe that it is extremist values of the LEFT that have created our present poor state. Extremism of the sort you suggest would only strengthen their power. Cameron's doing a dutiful job. Let him get on beside it. The loss of cheap foreign labour would push up prices in the UK as businesses want to cover the cost of expensive UK labour

I would suggest that we should do a lot more to block duty evasion and off-shore banking and also more to combat business fraud.

Most businesses are are followers of the Milton Friedman view that profit is everything and consequently will put that above customer happiness & safety and ignore morality and nouns unless it is profitable to do otherwise.

Signing out of the EU won't save as much as people surmise - such manufacturing as we have gone and most service industries are already adjusted to follow EU trade regs - it would cost money to change hindmost and bar us from selling in the EU.

The genuine thing we should be doing is teaching children at lowest 2 other languages from a very precipitate age, that way we would be able to influence the EU more.
It seem you have taken an arguable solution to a problem ,and made it into a caricature of one ---simply contained by order to annoy a few people.

"Go out penny picking hahaha:D", presumably, is after supposed to be the kicker in the tail --but I have no model what it means : nor whether the final line is supposed to be a suggestion to the lb165Bn annual deficit that Labour left us with?.

In short , I haven't a clue if near is any purpose to this question at all!
Wow. You manage to skate adjectives over the political spectrum without ever landing on anything sensible.

1. Scroungers and slobs? Never been made on benefit, then? Hopefully, it will happen to you soon. As regard making them do menial jobs, won't that just gross the people who do the menial jobs redundant? And since when has been getting thrown onto the sliver heap by an incompetent government a crime fitting for community service?

2. Strangely New Labour, this one. You agree to yourself slip there.

3. Pretty much what happens anyway, but somewhat more extreme. Actually this one is a bit Old Labour.

4. Oh dear. This does not work. It produces ignorant morons and, frankly, it is not fair on the ones who aspire to be more than only a cog in an industrial machine.

5. Bullsh*t. If you consider that turning a school into a depressing slum will have no effect on the morale of the principle staff or the respect of the students, you understand nothing nearly education.

6. Aha. We've moved from Old Labour to the BNP now. This is monetary and social suicide. With no trading partners and no influx of new cultures, we'd soon become as enlightened and abounding as Burma and North Korea (which are countries - look them up).

7. And, of course, it's only a small step from the BNP to the Nazis.

8. And next back to the Daily Mail. This will have no monetary benefit on the country. The means testing will cost more than the money save. It's simple hate-thy-neighbour vindictiveness.

9. Oh, I see now. You're only 14. Get vertebrae to school and try and learn something this time.
You should re-name yourself Adolf or Mao and either re-write Mein Kampf or the little red book. Let me tell you that accepted wisdom such as yours may seem fun on Y/A, but in actuality you would deplore a country that put into practice such rules and dictatorial policies. I'm just grateful that you are not a serious politician running for election beside a sympathetic electorate. Thank goodness for British democracy and adjectives sense. You seriously need to think contained by terms of the real world and not some unreal nation dreamed up in your vivid imagination.
Firstly, I am not going to consume my time by dissecting your over elaborated comments which are precisely a load of drivel.

Instead I will tender you some good advise which you are beneath no obligation to thank me for but, prior to making your next comment I would suggest you do a bit research first.
1) People on Job Seekers' are not paid lb120 a fortnight. They get lb30 a week, and simply get that if they prove they are looking for work. At least, explicitly how much they are paid where I live.
2) Only if that money is afterwards used to subsidise 'healthy' food, which can be so expensive as to be unaffordable for the poorest in society.
3) Sounds fair plenty.
4) Stupid idea. Who would decide what be needed in 'real life'. Surely that would depend on whether you are planning to spend your life working on the check out at Tesco, or working as a physicist, and so would be at variance for everyone. The current system needs improving, but this would one and only make things worse.
5) Brainwashing is never good, and merely breeds resentment. I agree any half-intelligent child can get good GCSEs, and abundant feel like they are doomed to fall short and don't try, but that is the fault of the parents, not the academy system.
6) Foreign criminals are already deported in the majority of cases. I agree we need to bring out of the EU (more because it costs us millions a week than anything else), but we do need to retain trade associations, as much of our trade is with Europe.
7) I agree, but not to graft camps. Just make prison difficult - 22 hours locked within a cell, with two hours for exercise. None of this rubbish with TVs, play stations etc. receive prison a punishment, where they have little to do but imitate on their crimes.
8) Some people cannot help man overweight, some are born addicts, some are put in that position due to abuse and lack of care surrounded by their life. They should be supported, and helped to grasp back into work, so that they have a positive effect on the reduction and their lives.
9) I don't tend to leave money lying around on the floor, or in drawers - surely you'd enjoy to be pretty rich to just leave money lying around? Maybe the establishment should try busking instead. There's got to be some musical talent in the House.

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