How can I silence race who defy my view?

I love the EU as does the majority of the UK; but we have the loud mouthed, illiterate UKIP supporters who want out; how can I silence them and change the UK to suit me?
Put your fingers contained by your ears and sing la la la.
I see you are trolling early this morning.
Go live in France,Spain, Germany, Greece or Portugal. I've heard that the employment is unforced to come by. Just because a person is illiterate it doesn't mean their view are any less valid in a democracy. If you want to live contained by a country that is selling industry down the river and low skill jobs to immigrant thats ok. Don't expect everyone to follow you ideal.
Stamp your feet and shout,

"Death to England!"
"Death to all sovereign states!"
"Death to everyone who disagrees next to me because I am always right!"

Then, when you have realised what a stupid quiz this is, try and grow up a bit.

Alternatively, just go and live contained by Brussels. That should cure all ambition you have for a combined Europe.
Keep bleating on and on and on about how your opponents are racist, sexist and deserve to be silenced, while ignore any valid points they make. It worked for Nu-Labour.
Get some advice from Obama. He and his friends know adjectives about working to silence his critics.
Shoot them.
And I don't approaching the EU, so don't talk for me
You can try by questioning your view, then changing your tact.
Have you tried terror supervision theory?
How about red-flagging?
I usually put my fingers within my ears and shout "la la la la la" very loudly. Most UKIP supporters then assume I'm Belgian and storm bad in disgust.
So you want to be a Dictator? Sorry but most vacancies hold been filled.
dictators similar to to shut people down who opose views.
I am against the EU in it's present form, as it is nought more than a puppet of global capitalism.
If it was a socialist republic, I would be within favour of it. I disagree with UKIP's reason for not wanting to be part of it.
If you want to silence those who oppose you, bring back an AK-47.
If you hold your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself,they won't oppose you,will they?I instinctively am against the E.U. and i'm not interested in your whining!
Why don't you p1ss off across the Channel and join together them if you like it so much. Personally my parents did not fight a European War to tolerate the Germans rule us.

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