I tolerate someone borrow my easier said than done drive for $50, is this okay?

I have a 2 terabyte hard drive loaded completely full of lofty quality rips of my entire movie collection. I didn't sell my drive , but of late lent it out for $50. My parents are telling me I'm contributing to piracy, but I think thats bull, I with the sole purpose lent it out and did not sell any property whatsoever. I have no clue what the soul will do with the information stored on the disk, I could care smaller quantity. Have I broken the law?
Downloading anything unofficial is affectivley braking the LAW.. it's priacey so every film you have explicitly not legit.. is in fact crooked.. so youve already broken the law mate.. and you are contributing to piracey now the creature you lent it to is braking the law.

wether their aware or not for example.. if some body stole something and then sold it to a friend.. that friend would be the one who's STOLEN it.. he/ she would be arrested not the artistic theif. because they no longer posses it.

so to your story.. you stole films through piracey and you lent them to a friend aslong as their in his or hers possesion they are braking the law.. the lend money got nothing to do beside it.. thats just a mutrul swap. between you both.
Well, assuming the movies are copyrighted, your "backups," when you are officially able to make them, are for personal use with the sole purpose.

In short, you can lend the real thing, but your backup is for yourself.

Will anyone make out? Not likely.
Him paying to 'borrow' it is a bad opinion though. If he erased all the information on it, you couldn't go to court over it or anything approaching that. If anything, you should write up some deal about if he breaks it, he have to pay for a new drive for you.

Your parents are right though, you are pirating movies.
You can't really be that silly can you?

Off course you are pirating the films.
You know you are pirating the films.
You would not hold "rented" the drive if you didn't know
they would copy them and consequently your parents are right.
You RENTED the hard drive. Your parents are mistaken. You are NOT 'contributing' to piracy. You are COMMITTING piracy. Even if we ASSUME the other personage does NOTHING other than VIEW some of the movies, YOU have violated copyright statute. This is actually true even if you actually loan out the drive, aka it you don't charge the $50.
Technically you may be OK legally.

But come on, be honest. You know what that personality wanted your HD for. And you rented it to them for that purpose. The proof of this is if the person know what sort of stuff you had on the drive.

Your parents are correct!

UPDATE: Did the borrower know what you had on the drive, yes or no? If he know, it's obvious he paid you $50 so he could borrow the drive and copy your extensive movie collection for himself. Especially when you can buy 1 TB external drives for basically slightly higher than $50. Why rent one unless it had something of advantage on it that you could copy.

Face it bub! You knowingly contributed to piracy, and in certainty you got paid for it. I revise my more rapidly statement. I don't know for a fact, but I think it's expected you broke a law.
If he paid, he wasn't borrowing it, but renting it.

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