My neighbor have done benefit fraud - what should I do - HELP!?

A while ago my neighbor was doingbenfit fraud, i know this because he let itslip contained by a conversation one day.apparently hes stopped now, but could he still carry into trouble?
Why does it even matter to you?Why not try and grasp some local authorities or politicians that have committed fraud? That should keep you busy.Get the REAL crooks.
Yes - he can still be prosecuted for it.
Possibly but it is none of your business.
Only if someone informs on him. But even next, it's very difficult to prove that he was working during said times. Unless he admit to it, there will have to be clear evidence that he be working. Since there's no such thing as a time machine, it's unlikely that he would grant to it. I'd just let it travel personally. Source(s): Not a spiteful person full of spite. if he be a burglar, mugger or car thief i would voice to you dob him in but benefit fraud is government money and if they can dribble away money on their expenses and (in my opinion) the royals then i would let it progress especially as it is in the past
So what? I'm actually Osama bin Laden. Oops, DAMN!

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