Will England ever stop stealing Oil from Africa ??/?

Last time I looked, being awarded a contract, hiring local ancestors, and generally paying for the oil you extract both through bidding for a contract and export taxes be not stealing. Potentially corrupt or dodgy (when in return for aid) yes, but not stealing.

Also, England does not steal anything. If you have a complaint near anyone it is the United Kingdom. England has no separate oil policy from Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland.

Once we bring all the lies and rubbish out of your question, what are we departed with? A stupid troll who can't even get the nickname of a country right. Fail.
NO -Because its ours
Will Africans ever stop blowing themselves to bits trying to steal gas from crashed tanker trucks?


This is the second time this have happened, from what I can gather.
And a short time ago what would the Africans do with oil ? Make Candles
If all those Nigerians stop trying to steal details of my bank explanation.
At lb5.87 a gallon be the ones being robbed.
No, all your oil are belong to us.
I thought that we were paying over the odds for it so forget give or take a few the stealing idea . When my uncle had his sports car petrol was less than 10p per UK gallon (8 pints or 4.546 litres), when I have my first car petrol was smaller number than 25p per gallon.

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