Is the information during disciplinary seminar confidential?

Is the information during disciplinary meeting confidential and is it breach of the law if the employer share the conversations and what have been said during the meeting next to third party?
It is not suppose to happen , but does adjectives the time. Not ethical but not illegal. You could file a grievance.

......................................… No. as long as false statements aren't made it is perfectly officially recognized to discuss such matters. It is probably in doomed to failure taste and not the sign of a good bureaucrat, but it isn't illegal.

Usually you should receive a letter to inform you of a disciplinary tryst this usually states the conditions of the meeting and you legally should receive a missive. It usually states that issue is strictly confidential and must not be discussed outside of the interview. If the employer does discuss the meeting with others if you hold proof of this and can prove that this had had a detrimental effect on your aptitude to work or it has caused any harrying then you could take it to an employment tribunal. Unfortunately citizens do gossip and to take it any further you would stipulation a lot of proof.

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