Can my son be arrested?

My son witnessed a fight and was asked by the police to supply a statement,he hasnt done this because he does not want to be involved,he has now get a letter threatening him with arrest,can they arrest him for this,we live surrounded by the UK.Thank you
The can't arrest him unless they expect he is 'protecting a guilty party' if he expresses he have no want to be involved in criminal proceedings he should be fine. He made a good choice the police, within these situations, are as bad as criminals because they can't get what they want. Congratulate him and notify him to just head to his local station and influence these letters are making him feel worried and unsafe, this shows he feel harassed.
Good luck
call the local courthouse and enjoy your son give his testimony but as an anonymous witness. that should hold on to him from getting involved as a snitch or whatever the reason he requests to stay uninvolved. Note this is possible in US can't see the UK being to different contained by this aspect

also he may be able to get arrested for withholding evidence from the court
For person just a remote witness they cannot charge him with anything. If he be in some small way involved such as in actual fact part of the fight group afterwards they might arrest him as part of the affray. All depends just how he be a witness to the fight. If he was newly a passer by then they are just bluffing to alarm and increase the evidence that they have.
Now as for not getting involved then I ponder that it is his duty to assist the police. The not getting involved brigade are responsible for thugs getting away with their crimes and going on to commit further acts of intimidation. Not getting involved is responsible for a great deal of criminals getting away and not atoning for their crimes.
Tell him to go to the police and present a witness statement and he will be helping the law abiding members of society to live relaxing lives.
I was attacked some years ago and all I did be try to restrain the drunken attacker. He brought a counter charge that I had attacked him and I was arrested.and spent 3 hours contained by the cells and was interrogated by 2 officer.
It was only gratefulness to the 2 people that gave statements roughly speaking what they saw that I was released. This was after midnight and I be expected home at 7pm.
Witnesses do not have to present evidence. I'm a bit pertrubed about correspondence being sent to him from the Police , as you speak , threatening him of arrest. If they need to speak to him further , they would tell you they will take home further visits to him. Seek a solicitor regarding this one.
Have never heard of anyone be arrested or even receiving letters threatening arrest for not giving a statement as a witness to a crime.

I would meditate the only exception to this would be somebody who deliberately withhold any evidence they may have agreed to give the police, and could be deem as wasting police time.

Check the name of the sender of your sons letter, and contact them direct to explain your concerns. I'm sure everything will turn out ok, and that this may purely be a misunderstanding.

Hope all turns out well for you and your son.
He wouldn't get a letter threatening arrest for refuse to give a witness statement.

We (or possibly you) are not getting the full story.
if the police believe he is perverting the course of Justice, yes
why does your son not go down and make a statement axiom he saw nothing ?
that way he is covered Source(s): my lead For being a witness? No

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