Which Western country dislikes Jews?

America seems to love Jews. Are there any western countries who hold an aversion for the Jewish people?
Scotland for unconcealed reasons.
all of them and then some
Germany in the 1930's
not that i know of

but the large number of muslims surrounded by western countries seem to be doing their best to change foreign policy and their abomination of jews is usually apparent

look at the vile attacks by moroccans on dutch jews in holland....and the attacks on british jews by pakistan muslims

i hold no issues with jewish people.....they do not brand threats against my country, blow up innocent british people on buses and trains, plot to blow up planes and disrespect my countries soldiers......if you have an issue next to jews ask yourself why and what is wrong with you to make you surface this way......
Just about every European country have broad-based and historical anti-semitism.
None that i know of. There are antisemitic law in this country but they seem to be unobserved when it concerns muslims spouting their hatred of them.
18 years ago i came across the remnants of a organize held in Trafalgar Square. On questioning a police officer around the offensive wording of discarded placards i was told that in that was nothing they could do something like apart from keep an eye on the demonstrators. It is a good mission I arrived after this had taken place or I would probably still be residing in Holloway.

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