Who is the best and worst presidents the USA have?

Give your reasons why
Washington best

Wilson and FDR tied for worst

Both had intern camps for citizens.

And both Democrat, what a coincidence.
Obama best - he's fixing the Republican mess in the face of adjectives their unfounded criticisms and bull$hit
Bush worst - he ruined the economy, wipe his *** with the constitution, and divided America Source(s): I just want my life span back I can't think of a single perfect president.

I'm pretty sure the two concepts are mutually exclusive.
With my some what constrained knowledge I would go for Calvin Coolidge.

As Silent Cal presided over the mess near his cronies that produced the great depression.

The best FDR - he had guts.
Wilson/Roosevelt(take your pick)/Bush/Obama - worst

Thomas Jefferson - best.

Jefferson revered the constitution and the principles of freedom, prosperity, and peace more than any president contained by our history, he was not perfect, but the best.

“I would fairly be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.”Thomas Jefferson.
JFK best Obama Bad
FDR are the worst

Reagan, Thomas Jefferson and Washington be the best
It's hard to answer this question because you can't really compare someone 200 years ago to someone today given the facts they have to deal with different situations beneath different circumstances (time frame, social & cultural values, ethics, historical backgrounds, etc.). However, according to a range of ranking organizations, Andrew Johnson always seem to be ranked at the bottom and FDR & Lincoln always are other in the top spots.
Best :Thomas Jefferson,true believer in ones right to pursue happiness beside harm to nobody. He also was contained by favor of smoking hemp. He wrote in his journals how he" Smokes his hemp while on his gallery enjoying Gods creation."
The worst : The one that died within one month of taking department. Source(s): US history. Bush II.

Reasons? Guy destroyed the economy. It's going to take 30 years to acquire out of the hole he created.
Best--- Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Nixon (before his Watergate deal he was extremely suitable with foreign affairs. He for the most part, completed Vietnam, improved relationships with USSR and China)

Worse--- Carter, Hoover, Tyler, Piercer
best= john f. kennedy: got rights for blacks
worst= george w. bush: u know why.
Best: Ronald Reagan

Worst: our currently elected POTUS
Madison.He proved the saying..When the going get tough. The tough get going.
When the Canadians and Brits chased him out of the White House on August 24th,1814.
Truman.He should have back General MacArthur.
Worst: Andrew Jackson: Force marched Native Americans to their release, as well as a big proponent of big business.
Best: Washington: The first and last to follow the principles the country be founded on.

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