Why do we obligation to transport the muslim religon on our scintific subsidise?I thought the liberal dems be against?

forcing religion into government,Or is that just Christians,Why do we want to force the muslim religion into NASA.What a joke and biased crock,Liberals are the definition of hypocrite,What say you?
Learn to spell and perhaps we'll rob you seriously...
I other think it's funny when people from places close to Great Britain post rather ignorant question about the US.

Edit: Are you deployed in the UK as it say your post emanates from the UK.

Lol. Does being a Marine propose you write grammatically incorrect posts and insults and then post it three times?
Liberals are anti-Americans. That's the extent of their existence. They may address about the separation of church and state, but they only chitchat about to demonize and bash Christians. It means zilch else. All they know is hatred towards the USA and those that love her.

Yes, it is shoving religion into the government. Good point. Besides self totally idiotic and immature to right to be heard Muslims made contributions to space exploration. This administration a huge embarrassment.

And as usual, the horrid scum LOVE hatemongering on our troops -- especially when they find out they're our troops.

You are such scum, woman.
None of you nasty liberals that answered deserve protection.

Actually, neither do the scum conservatives on this forum who never stand up for anyone.

Face it, US Marine --- this forum is chock-a-block with filth. It's an Internet forum for weirdos. Why are we even here?

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