UK: Should dampen companies be brought put money on into public ownership?

Unlike the post-war nationalisations executed for political reasons, water be taken into municipal ownership in Victorian times when the private water undertakers couldn't be trusted.
I enjoy very mixed feeling in the region of that. Unfortunately, I saw 1st hand what the water works and the infrastructure be like just after privatisation around 1991. They have actually been run down so scantily when they were nationalised, that they were contained by need of vast amounts of urgent investment. The councils used to run adjectives the water works, and they just agree to the standards get worse and worse and never repaired things unless it was falling to pieces..... it be the same story for the sewage works. In the interests of public hygiene and drinking water standards, they call for to be up to very high standards currently - it's the law. However, ownership is now first and foremost down to shareholders and fatcats and it's gone too far the other way now. Many of the sea companies in England are foreign owned as well. Profit is put in the past value for money. Though standards are actually markedly good compared to 25 years ago, the cost to the customer is far too high.

Maybe, one thought that could be 'trialled' would be a part private, part nationalised approach. I enjoy always said that if you did that with adjectives the utility companies eg gas, lecky, BT etc, then one could police the other..... keep profits minimal whilst still maintain high standards. It could be trialled with one sea company and see how it went, and if successful it could be implemented further afield. But the country is broke, and could not afford to buy the companies stern thanks to awful economic circumstances we find ourselves surrounded by right now. Source(s): I work on water treatment plants, pumping stations and reservoirs. Yes, as companies (mainly foreign owned) enjoy as the term goes 'sweated the assets' for short possession gain. Source(s):… I suppose it's one way to help severance
If its nationalised it will need a million managers

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