What are some Issues the Liberals are trying to transport thoroughness of?

Which Liberals?

English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, American, Australian, New Zealand, Dutch, German. Please specify.
the removal of the constitution.
Well, Democrats across the wide spectrum (to include Liberals, Moderate-Liberals, Moderates, Moderate-Conservatives, and the Blue-Dog Conservatives) are mainly attempting to put consumer protections (regulations and reforms) spinal column into place for our banks and Wall Street (ReadTheBill.org), but the GOP keeps blocking these reform (after first meeting on Wall Street for campaign-fund dinners for Senators Mitch McConnell of KY and Cornyn of TX). Democrats have passed the JOBS CREATION bill surrounded by the House, but the bill is being STALLED in the Senate by the Republicans. Democrats want to extend severance benefits for displaced workers until the recovery can pick up more steam, but this again is being blocked by Republicans. Democrats DID succeed surrounded by getting every American accessible and affordable health care, and getting REFORMS surrounded by place (now law of the land) to PREVENT the 1300 greed-driven and corrupt for-profit insurance companies from dirty-trick anti-consumer practices. Democrats also succeeded in ratification into law the Credit CARD Act of 2009 which prevents greedy-gut credit card companies from charging predatory fees, using shady money-grubbing billing practices, or concealing benefits of paying even a few dollars extra. In the new regulation called Fix It that was added to the vigour care and insurance reform law, college students can now make DIRECT low-interest loans from the Department of Education, thus lowering coaching costs by eliminating high-interest-charging banks as middlemen. Democrats are attempting to RAISE THE $75,000,000 CAP for oil-spill damages Republicans put into place during their totalitarian control of both House and Senate, and they are also investigating every aspect of the ongoing BP grease spill to assess causes in charge to PREVENT another such spill from occurring (and again, Republicans are attempting to BLOCK this ongoing investigation). The Obama administration and the Democrats in both the House and Senate succeeded surrounded by getting us $181 BILLION in paybacks last year from 14 of the 400 Bush-bailed-out banks---dollars that go to PAY DOWN OUR DEFICIT by 8% (according to Reuters and Washington Post in an April posting on Yahoo News). The immigration reforms requested by President Obama are person presented for discussion on the floors of both House and Senate. The Democrats have stayed busy, and you can review everything they do on C-SPAN1 and C-SPAN2 (House and Senate, respectively) with gavel-to-gavel UNINTERRUPTED coverage everyday that they are within session.
27,000 abandoned oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, the serious problem of illegal immigration, a long neglected vigour care system that could not sustain itself much longer, corruption in Medicaid reimbursement, SEC workers who be not watching the market but were watching smut when they be supposed to be working, unemployment and jobs creation, a huge Homeland Security perforation in communication, MMS workers who were using drugs, partying near Big Oil, getting it on, fraudulent paper work concerning the safety of the grease industry, the economy, terrorism by extremists to name a few issues.

The Obama direction has uncovered many issues that needed desperately to be address not only for our economy but our environment and our survival. The US have been badly neglected.

According to the Republicans, not much. Source(s): Independent The Republicans.
They want big business media , big government commandeering, fuel racial hatred , remove constitution contained by favor of slavery.

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