Should the UK notify the EU to shove in that Human rights up here (a)rse and Extradite Abu Hamza to the US?

what would they do to us if we did

YES! And in exactly those terms. Our representative should walk to Brussels or wherever, and at their next appointment, whatever it is called, she should voice, 'Mr Chairman, shove your human rights act up your ****'
I am sure that would solve the problem. What would they do?? Probably take away our human rights!!
Yes Yes, that should have been said a long time ago, but gratefulness to pretty boy Blair and his wide mouthed wife, we were lumbered beside these faceless, brainless busybodies in Brussels.
I know we can't play football any more, but we can sure stand up and shout unprintable words and at the same time, let somebody know them where to stick their Euros.
No, we just have to present a stronger crust next time.

Absolutely. People forget that the only National vote we enjoy ever had on Europe was whether or not we considered necessary to join the Common Market back surrounded by the days of Edward Heath. This was supposed to be for simplifying business arrangements only. Since later we have been shafted by assorted governments of the day into accepting other treaties short a vote. Even when some, repeat some, in the European Union got a vote on some of the treaties if the result did not entertain the governments then they a moment ago held another one until they got the result that they wanted. This would be call Dictatorship in smaller countries but it suppose to be Democracy in European countries. Source(s): Common sense and angelic memory. YES.... I am with you on that one! And send some of his cronie mate with him too, frog-marched onto a cargo plane next to no seats by Gurkhas with fixed bayonets.I'm only just sick to death of hearing going on for that idle hook-handed lazy toss-pot. He outstayed his greeting years ago, he deserves NOTHING from Britain any longer.
Yes,send him nearby this afternoon.
For that to happen we would necessitate to have a parliament that actually represented, listen to, and served the people of Britain. Clearly, parliament does not. It is a parasite infested self serving monster that has nought to do with the wishes of the people at adjectives.
Yes. Failing that, when his sentence is up, send him to Brussels the head of the EU.
To be honest I am getting sick of the EU and their "Human Rights" legislation anyone used as a screen behind which criminals can store from justice.

That vile man Abu Hamza, a known Al-Quaeda terrorist who have committed crimes in both the US and the UK and has be preaching "hate" in London for years, has so far cost the British taxpayer over lb2 million to hold him in prison, legal aid etc (not to mention the great amounts of benefits the lazy waste of space have been scamming the whole time he's lived contained by the UK - he was too bone idle to bring back a job).

If the EU want us to continue accommodating a man who is wanted for extradition to America after the EU can bloody well pay for him!!

This is a thing between the UK and the US. I fail to see why the EU should even be involved. Just one more means of access in which we in the UK are losing power over our own country to the EU I guess.

Keeping Hamza surrounded by the UK (even in prison) presents us with a surety risk. He is not wanted here!

I think America requirement to step in and make it certain to the EU that they are not going to abuse his "human rights", they simply want justice to be served on this PoS. They necessitate to use their powers to get him over there. I one-sidedly can't think of anywhere more fitting for him than a nice cozy little windowless concrete cell in Guantanamo Bay, where on earth he can preach "jihad" to his heart's content - with noone to listen to him.

Or maybe they should freshly send the Navy Seals in to make off with him. They wouldn't meet much resistance. I'm sure the prison could arrange for the gates to be "accidentally" departed open and the guards to be "elsewhere" at the time . . .
a preacher of hate has no right surrounded by my country get him the hell out here Source(s): my veiw as a british subject Yes, these human rights laws own been the ruination of our country. The victim is punished, the felon consent to off.
The European Convention of Human Rights is not connected to the EU
Abu Hamza is a British Citizen. By what idiot law do Americans own the right to extradite a British Citizen and on what trumped up charge?

The reason why Abu Hamza was held within prison was to stop him being extradited to the USA.

It's time the Yanks took a running step into that oil slick they created.

Yeah and if you want to get rid of an grease slick all you do is set fire to it. That's exactly what we do with an grease slick around the British coastline.
Without any doubt;Abu Hamza and the other three should own been on their way to the United States of America some two years ago instead we enjoy this continual drag and time wasting exercise thanks to that idiot Tony Blair.
This Human Rights Charter must be be negotiated at once. Along near a lot of time wasting Labour's legislation.

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