Does japan hold a military?

I've heard many things nearly U.S. restraints and stuff but I want my facts strait. If they do have one, what are (if any) the restraints on it.
Yes its called the
Japanese self fortification Force.
Yes, its made up entirely of ninjas.

How the f*ck do you have an idea that pearl harbor happened? Source(s): Common sense and basic history Yes. The size of it is controlled though.
They have one they use to guard their borders, back in national emergencies, much close to our national guard, but as to their national defense, it is all on the USA. Since WWII they are prevented from building a strong offensive driven military. They hold around 200,00 man military and are prevented from all actions aside from their own defense.

they may NOT fire first, they may only retaliate in self defense or provide humanitarian aid.

so they cannot invade North Korea no thing how badly they want to.
THey had a military until we defeated them in WW2...immediately they have "Defense Forces" or somethin like that...

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