Why do we allow muslims to do what they want , after slag rotten the BNP?

What do you mean when you enunciate that we allow muslims to do what they want? Do we allow them to murder? Do we allow them to speed? We have the rule of law and as long as muslims, christians, atheists, jews, non-religious etc abide by these rules then what is the problem?

I do not know of any muslim that has gotten away near anything that a white person has not. I do know that every mosque that comes up for planning go-ahead is hotly contested, but are the christian churches??

The BNP want to take away people's rights, freedoms and even nationality.

They articulate they want rid of "immigrants", but forget to tell people that adjectives black and asian people are immigrants regardless of where on earth they were born. Griffin said on Newsnight just beforehand the election that British people are white individuals, and blacks can therefore not be British.

You want to take adjectives that the people of this country have fought for over the second 1000 years and throw it out of the window because of a racist party similar to the BNP and make us look like 1930s Germany?
All British citizens can do what they want, within the law, and most Muslims within this country are British citizens.

The BNP are a group of racist thugs, whose aim is to remove all non-white British citizens from our lands.

I'm not a Muslim, but I can pretty much do what I want (within the law) and slag off the BNP. So why shouldn't matching apply to my fellow citizens who happen to have a different religion to me?

EDIT: Have I get this right Redmonk?

I say "The BNP are a group of racist thugs, whose aim is to remove all non-white British citizens from our lands.".

And you voice "As for the BNP, Sceptic is absolutely right"

Are you seeing sense at last? Or once again, hold you 'misread' or 'misunderstood' what I said?

EDIT: Redmonk, you have no argument. You never evidence a single one of your claims. You just dismiss everything beyond your set comprehension as lies or fibs.

You wouldn't know a truth if it leapt up and bit you on the antenna.

This one, for example: "UAF beating up BNP men and women members and their family, including their children"

Any sort of link or shred of evidence of this? But, of course, you don't do evidence or links, do you?

EDIT: Redmonk
There you travel again, trying to suggest I've said something I haven't said. Read more carefully.

Is that a "No" for any evidence of your made-up stuff, next?

A reminder: you said "UAF beating up BNP men and women members and their family, including their children"

And I don't think you can find anything to support that statement.
Now come on, British Muslims have every right to stand at the front of the line between our soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan wave their vile banners and shouting abuse at them calling them Murderers and rabble and worse, isn't this showing their Britishness? after all when they come to this country why should Muslims integrate and support what Britain is doing? why should Muslims fight our battle? why shouldn't the Muslims build more mosques to preach their hate?. They even have the right to share us Natives that they are going to take over and rule this country and make us meet the terms their Sharia Law, don't they say its just a business of time?

As for the BNP, Sceptic is absolutely right, how dare they stick up for the average guy on the street and say 'this is adjectives wrong'!. Isn't it Racist to do so? aren't the BNP Nazis for saying something has to be done?.

Is 'reverse racialism' the answer to adjectives our problems?. I'llll tell you what I don't think so, 'reverse racialism' is the ugliest form of racism at hand is. You only have to read the diatribe of the BNP's critics and those that practise it to know that.


Edit Sceptic

But Scep you know that when you vote:

''I say "The BNP are a group of racist thugs, whose aim is to remove all non-white British citizens from our lands''

We the BNP supporters and your own SWP and UAF supporters on this forum, know you are recitation fibs

How can you be telling the truth when you claim to own read the manifesto regarding immigration? how can you be telling the truth when you are fully aware that the singular organisation causing violence on our streets is the UAF, an organisation that you support unreservedly, enjoy you misunderstood who the real thugs are, surly you mean the material thugs are the UAF and their leaders Peter Hain and Martin Smith. .

OK the EDL to but that's mostly because the UAF will not allow the EDL the right to a peaceful protest

How can I misunderstand you telling fib after fib Scep? you can't win an argument by recitation lies. I haven't misunderstood that but you clearly have.

I am still trying hard to draw from you to give up on violent organisations and agree beside me that the EDL, UAF,and SWP should be taken off our streets if the violence persist but No! that would stop the UAF beating up BNP men and women members and their family, including their children.

You never learn do you Scep?


Edit Sceptic

Hang on Scep are you saying that the UAF are not a gang of uncontained thugs then?

To the rest of this forum:

''Will Sceptic fib or not fib that is the question''.. (will the poet)

if he does fib;;

''Forgive him for he does not know what he doeth he will repent surrounded by heaven for his sins'' (another idiot probably a Labour or SWP and UAF supporter)

ATB Red.

You still haven't learnt you lesson own you.
Because the British are spineless.

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