What would start if the goverment?

Stopped comdoms in the UK..

now your proberly thinking capably every one who has sex would get pregant..

Well contained by some respect you could argu it would be the opposite.

The reason is would be because those would think twice about actrully have sex knowing without a comdom would come a baby.. Do you imagine teenagers who arent ready for a child or anything like that would devise twice ? i reckon some would for example :.. lets do it.. erm i don't want a baby newly yet.

because at the end of the time one time could be 90 % < which i a moment ago made up chance of producuing a miniture YOU.

leave your thoughts and interesting commenst surrounded by the SECTION BELOW.. thankyou ^_^
They would NOT construe twice. You have no idea how humans if truth be told function do you. They're teenagers, their brains don't work properly, especially when it comes to sex. They've already tried this experiment -- it's called 'abstinence education' -- and it increases STDs and pregnancy.
Skipping the guess work on the pregnancy statistics, I think the STD rate will go up.
Judging by the educational standards in our school, the boys would get confused on which finger to put the condom on. Some still think by sticking a finger within a girls ear causes pregnancy.
On a more serious note, sex childhood should be made compulsory because at the end of the day, the nouns of understanding, will ruin young lives and those around them for oodles years.

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