Will the Republican Party produce another Timothy McVeigh as long as the "black dude" runs the show?

Nope. McVeigh be a traitor and a coward, like Obama. The two would have gotten along famously.

Republicans don't hold the monopoly on nut jobs and psychopaths. Looks like here are plenty of racist hatemongers on the other side of the fence where you live.
Timothy McVeigh be not produced by the Republican Party. He was created by the liberals because of their hated of this country.
McVeigh wasn't a Republican, he was an anarchist. Dumbasses adjectives over the place.
the tea party are full of potential timmys
What/who are you talking nearly, in the UK we Tories and Labour and Liberal.
McVeigh and Obama both hate Jews.They'd be great friends.
You better believe they are working complex to kill members of our rule, they are such patriots!
We didn't produce the first one and you will note that a jury of conservatives condemned the man to death when liberals would hold been moving heaven and dirt to save his life.
Timothy McVeigh was a Democrat. "Kill the crackers and their cracker babies."=== Your Timothy McVeighs. (United Kingdom) ha! Obama and Holder would have pardon him.
Timothy McVeigh was an anarchist. That have nothing to do with Republicans.

Will the Democrat deputation produce another Unibomber as long as the " black dude" runs that show?

What nonsense. Both questions.
How could England be so crappy in Soccer? I mean it's the individual sport you have over there.
The so-called Black Dude, and his hanger on, are allowed to believe he is running the show. A more proper description would be Black Puppet. The Bilderberger group owns him. Source(s): Alex Jones Info Wars. with all this confer about civil war, sounds approaching the progressive/liberals would produce one to get things started.
Gee, I don't know. Will the progressives produce another Bill Ayers? He blew stuff up too, you know.
They tried.

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