Does the Israeli Government "use" the Holocaust to quell dissent?

Please watch this short clip where a former Israeli Minister admit,

"whenever anyone questions policies of the Israeli Government, they bring up the Holocaust and use it as a "trick" to label anyone as person Anti Semitic for questioning Israeli Government Policy"

See here:…

All thoughts welcome.
Wow - look at the Holocaust deniers crawl out from under their rocks.

Not really, but you muslims certainly dislike it when anyone mentions it, who are the loonies here?
the best way to quell a population is to tell them they are beneath attack, and then they will blindly follow and except all you advice.
would not surprise me. democrats use the word racist to quell dissent.
The "Holocaust" never happened.
Hi Gandhi
There were many citizens sent to the concentration camps and gas chambers.
Those near a learning or physical disability.
Political opponents.
Gay and lesbian individuals.
Leading church figures who spoke out against the Nazi regime.
Then there be the Jewish people.
But I want to look further back. After the WW1 the reparation programme be designed to financially cripple Germany so it could never invade another country. The financially ruined Germany was ripe for extremism as desperate people will resort to desperate measures.
After the atrocities of the Nazi regime be revealed to the World then the Jewish people took full political assistance which led to the state of Israel to be established. They continue to present themselves as an oppressed population when, in fact, they are presently the oppressors.
Best wishes.
PS The Palestinians are equally responsible as they are also desperate people and tend to elect militant leaders. But what would I do in their situation?
Before any one starts talking something like Holocaust denial most people believe all the dreadful details as near was loads of film and witnesses at the time. Having said that the Israeli's enjoy used it to get sympathy especially when they are accused of atrocities themselves and step into their usual denial posture.
The Israelis use the 'holocaust" as an excuse to claim their own atrocities.
which Holocaust? Ummm, you imply the holoHOAX ...

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