Should American People trust Englands lies, knowing how China finished trusting England ?

China after doing business with England couldn't recover for hundreds of years. within the beginning China had like relationship with England as today England has next to USA.

do you think American government and general public are as stupid as China was in the recent past ?
I'd never trust a lunatic who asks equal idiotic question over and over again.

i hear that english people are getting obese like the americains,
i'd never trust and american near my money or the petrol in a car after again i wouldn't trust anyone in the UK with my money anyway
Well doing business with British oil companies hasn't done us much dutiful in recent months. Source(s): Day 82 Don't answer, people. This poster is a TROLL, next to several IDs who posts reams and reams of "I hate England" shite on here everyday. Same old question, same old garbage. Report but don't answer, please.

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