Why can't an individual see the result of a Police check on themselves ?

How do we or anyone else know that The Police have not invented a reason for a CBR check to budge against an individual just because The Police don't like them ?
Because we live within a police state. It was only lately that people were allowed to display their 'own' medical records. If you have a birth authorization and national insurance number you are officially owned by a dictatorship. Seek the truth It's time to fight pay for. Source(s): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU0tLFdp3… When you have a CRB check you receive a copy of what your employer receives, so if in that is something incorrect you can take action. In any bag, the police do not decide if you "pass" or "fail" the check. All that happens is that your employer get a copy of your record (or as much of it as is relevent depending on the type of check) and they decide whether it is relevant to your employment.

You can also take home a request to the police under the Data Protection Act for a copy of all information held roughly you, including whats on the police national computer.
If you have had a CRB check within the UK you will also receive a copy of it. Details are Taken from the Police National Computer. It cannot be tampered with by anyone. No member of the police can put untrue details on the computer.

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