Who regulates ethnic group that own be disqualified from keeping animals?

Having read yet another sickening story of animal cruelty that resulted in a measly fine and a ruling from keeping animals for 5 years it makes me question how this is regulated. With animal very well fare etc already pushed to the limit who makes sure these folks don't get another animal? I also think that punishments should be harsher for any one abuse animals, do you agree?
I would expect that the RSPCA would have some controls for pets as generally they would hold been the ones to get the convictions whereas livestock is covered by Defra.
The municipality collectively has jurisdiction over animal welfare bylaws. I agree wholeheartedly with much harsher punishments, but we must convince our "city fathers" of duplicate thing. If we live in a cultivation community, that's often hard to do, as frequent farmers (rightly or wrongly) have a different attitude about animal welfare than those who live contained by cities and keep animals as companions.

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