Why must I be subject to the Queen when she did nil to earn her place?

I'm not patriotic, I'm not really that proud of my heritage, I hate useless associates who are only successful thanks to their parents and I don't believe contained by God, so naturally I hate the Queen and the distressing monarchy system.

She did absolutely NOTHING to earn her place other than self born with so called "divine right" and the money that go into the monarchy is just silly. The fact she even have a small place in politics makes me angry that nation actually think this is a democracy.

What's worse is that she is also queen of so abundant other countries, so there aren't any other English-speaking countries I can move to without have a monarchy, being extremely right-wing or being fundamentally religious.

And no, I'm not a communist. It's a cool avatar.
You stated "I'm not a communist" and then stated " I am adjectives for welfare". That is the most oxymoronic statement I have ever heard! Che Guvera be not a "cool" communist by the way. You might want to try Mao Tse Tung or Stalin. Of course they were not too "cool" any.

Communist is communist says communist writes communist puts a "cool" communist avitar on YA.
You're not a "subject of the crown" - that went into the bin when New Labour carried out their extremely quiet revolution and changed it to "British citizen" to comply next to the EU requirement of all those within the EU one citizens, not subjects.

Don't believe me - check your passport under Nationality.
This isn't Rome. No one uses their army's respect to become Emperor of Britain. Obama has done nought to earn his position as US President, the way an Emperor of Rome would, except his charming words. The Queen hasn't earnt her position either, but in attendance is little difference between flattering your way to the top and being born in attendance. If you criticise the Queen it's only fair to criticise someone who have done as little to earn theirs. Obama had served less than one possession and went on to become President because he has charisma, not for his merit.
I find it funny that you're in support of the welfare system, but against the monarchy because they didn't earn their affluence.

I also find it funny that you have a Che Guevara avatar but you're not a Marxist. It's like a soul who wears a motorcycle jacket but doesn't ride a motorcycle.
What do you penny-pinching, "why must I"? No one is forcing you to live here - if you don't like it, leave. As a citizen of the UK you can in recent times hop on a train and move to France.

You could move to the USA, they don't have a monarchy. Nor do you need to be a fundamentalist (either political or religious) to live near.

Also, how you can say 'the money that goes into the monarchy is in recent times silly' is beyond me. The royal estates bring over lb400million to the treasury each year, yet the Queen costs us much smaller amount than that - money that we would have to pay even if we didn't enjoy a monarch, for an elected Head of State, and to upkeep places like Buckingham Palace - which are state owned properties. Also, don't say that she doesn't work. She is 84 and works adjectives day every day for the benefit of this country. She works a hell of abundantly harder, and longer, than the vast majority of people within this country - I doubt you will be working as much as the monarch does when you are 80.

As I said, if you don't like it, leave.
God save the Queen. He doesn't exist and she doesn't involve saving. Englands patron saint is some guy supposed to own slain a dragon. We live in a barmy world. Existence itself doesn't make any sense. How almost we have an opt out clause when paying tax, those that want their 62p to support the queer feeble dean may do so, those that don't may either keep it or donate it to something they'd fairly support.
Since tabloids are such an important element of the economy and would be lost without the Royal Family it seem like a necessity to maintain their symbiotic existence. It's a small price to reimburse to be able to see the crazy antics the Royal Family gets up to. Some of us across the pond are envious. All we attain are lame celebrities and corrupt politicians with an occasional filament about Bigfoot and UFOs.
Curious that you transferred this question to the US! We made a call on this contained by 1776 and have never regretted it in the most minuscule!

Thanks for posting a question that liberals and conservatives can agree on!
Because you Brits are subjects, not citizens. Congratulations!
such a big problem...the queen really controls you...doesn't she.
did you read that the cost of the monarchy is approx. $2 a year per person
Only the uneducated think that England or any other country is a democracy. There ARE no Democracies. They don't exist because they don't work, any more than socialism or communism work. They don't work. In numbers larger than a small town, they spatter apart.

That's why the United States of America has a Constitutional Representative Republic with Democratic Principles.

Works. We hold a peaceful revolution every four years while other countries are often any killing each other, or dealing beside huge corruption problems. We have problems, but we get to see out the people who cause them every two years or four years.

Politics isn't tricks. Hold them accountable, they do a pretty good undertaking, overall.

United States of America citizens are just silly. They complain about the silliest things when the rest of the world have REAL problems. They are so pampered it's silly.
"I'm not jingoistic, I'm not really that proud of my heritage"

Well, THAT explains the rest of your question and certainly provides context to your attitudes.

Oh, and according to reporters you guys only pay 62p a year to cover the costs of the monarchy. That works out to smaller amount then $1 US. Do away with your rule system and spend the 62p wisely. Source(s): http://ca.answers.yahoo.com/question/ind… Well quite clearly you own chosen too. If it really was that big an issue then you would enjoy moved ages ago.
I am not a fan of the monarchy any but what solution is there?

You want the Queen to give up her success so that she is equal to you? Will you give up yours to be equal to a starving African?
Then move....
the entire royal ethnic group cost each tax payer smaller number than the price of a loaf of bread last year. Also I can place a fairly risk-free bet that the Queen paid more income tax on her private income than you did finishing year as well. Id rather my 62p go to her than someone who sits on their backside all day watching daytime TV the won't work don't work mob - the definite leaches of the country.

At any rate I would much rather have Queen Elizabeth than President Blair any daytime of the week. It took us 10 yrs to get rid of teflon Tony and most of us DO NOT want him back

However, as others enjoy said, if you don't like the political system we have here you are free to walk off and live elsewhere. You don't even need a visa to go to any of the other EU countries. Although few hold the NHS system etc.


you quote the wealth of the Queen, well the majority of it is technicaly owned by the state (land, estates etc the art collection meaning is no longer counted) it only appears under the Queen's weath as she is director of state it is not her's personally and nor can it be sold due to laws on landscape trusts etc.. Her personal income is about 10% of her total.

lb300,000 on which she becomes a better rate tax payer so she pays more income tax than you or I do on our incomes. The top rate of income toll is shortly to be 50%

As for not working that is a chief misconception. She remains our best unofficial ambasador, she has to read and grant royal assent to adjectives bills going through parliamnent (and still has the power to tell the governemnt to 'shove it'), she have the roll of unofficial advisor to the PM, s/he does not have to take the Queen's guidance but it is still given if asked for. She has to put up with the weekly call in from the PM (she deserves my 62p just for putting up with that) Then she carry out her roll as head of the Commonwealth in exemplory fasion as she have done for over 50 years.
You don't have to. There are plenty of other countries within which people speak English which do not have a Monarchy. America for instance.

Or you can move freely to any EU country lacking the need for a VISA. France, for instance, has no monarchy. Neither have Ireland and they speak English over there. English is used in most EU countries or you could gain off your backside and learn their communication. Nothing stopping you. You don't "have" to be subject to the Queen at all. If it upset you so much that you need to rant on Y/Answers nearly it, then leave. I wouldn't live contained by a country in which I felt so plainly unhappy as you do. Especially when there are plenty of other option. Hey you could even go to Somalia - no Government or Monarchy there!

I one-sidedly have more respect for the Queen than I do for any lying, self-serving politician.

The Queen and the Royals cost the average taxpayer 62p a year. they live mostly off their own affluence so would still live to the same standards whether they received Taxpayers' Money or not. A President would cost a lot more than the Queen as s/he would have need of to be totally supported from the public purse.

Oh and the Queen DOES work - she carries out the same work any "head of state" does - diplomatic visits etc. She receive less than a political head of state would as very well.

I guess trying to reason with you is pointless, however.
Connor, We have much bigger fish to fry than to verbs about a in autograph only Queen, barrack insane 0bama the puppet of The New Socialist Party is tearing the stuff of our Country apart thread by thread.
1. No money would be save by having an elected head of state. Have you any concept what it costs in the US to keep and protect the president?
2. The queen have only an advise and alert role in British politics and little power, only underneath extreme circumstances
3. Other countries who recognise the queen as their head of state are free to change their own constitutions. Many commonwealth countries hold done just that and now enjoy presidents. The queen remains head of the commonwealth only by mutual consent of the member
4. The divine right of kings in this country died with Charles 1
5. The queen works extremely firm in reviewing all management papers as well as her other duties as head of state (and she is 84!), never have time off - the work follows her wherever she travels and is worth millions surrounded by revenue by way of tourism and business to the country because of her unique status as a constitutional monarch (look it up!)
6. Although the queen pays tariff like everyone else, she has have no pay rise for 20 years and has to recompense for her staff costs and many other things from the money voted by Parliament. Let's see you survive!
Because we are subjects not citizens of a free country like America, as soon as religous fundementalism and monarchy's and other middle aged crap has gone after we will be a sane and free country like America.

Para what you are suggesting is marxism which means that adjectives wealth is distributed equally among unskilled, skilled, lazy and hardworking race, do you really want that?

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