I want a communication from the police proving that my dad is within custody, I own to show it to my uni?

I will ask this question at my local police station, however I just call for to know if they give such letters to culture who request for it?

My dad is in custody and awaiting trail for a serious offence and this have affected one of my uni exams. My uni is forcing me to pay for the entire module and I don't hold the money, I have to prove that my dad is indeed awaiting trail.
That is right over the top for the Uni to ask for this evidence. Try going to the Court that you Dad was convicted in. You will inevitability a letter from your Tutor asking for this evidence. I'm sure they will be able to assist.
The Prison is not allowed to tell anyone if he is contained by their prison or not.
That isn't a problem. Go to the prison or jail he is staying at and show them the information that you need this missive from them and they will write one out for you or even sometimes they send it to the person who have requested it from you.
Are you in the UK? In that defence the police will not provide this, it is not a matter for them but for the Court which remanded your dad in custody. Are you sure you realize what the uni is asking for? They should know better.

I'd suggest your speak to your dad's solicitor, with dad's permission unsurprisingly.

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