Another interview on Scottish politics?

For years now as an English taxpayer I have have to endure the tirade from Scottish Nationalists about how they deserve nouns from England.
Now I believe every Scottish contributor when they say that they are a net financial contributor to the Westminster coffers.But to be honest;There are millions of English taxpayers who believe this to be plentifully of rubbish.
Can any Scottish Nationalists contributors put forward any ideas how English taxpayers can help them along within achieving their political ambitions.
What I am concerned about is that Alex Salmond and his bunch may enjoy got 'cold feet' now it is 'crunch time'
When are the Scots going to announce the date of their nouns referendum?
Our 'political ambitions' ambitions have nothing to do near English money, there is no way you could ever repay the impair and loss of kin folk you have done to our country.
Strange that non of you seem talented of understanding that?
Is it beyond your understanding?
Alex Salmond have not got 'cold feet' he is waiting until he feels the time is right.
Talking something like cold feet and government leaders, when is your unusual guy Cameron the clown going to hold his referendum on UK and the common market??
Now you also write more or less Scots with specialist skills only human being allowed in to the UK? When we get our freedom from you English, not if but when!
Would that be specialist skills compared to your English specialist skills ? If you used that criteria we would adjectives be allowed in!
You were a nation of great specialists donkeys years ago, you very soon have no apprenticeships no real training, you are finished , your subsequent generation is already lost.
You English never fail to amaze me, you are a dying breed, but you havent come to adopt it yet.
England is still a nice little cute place, the only entity spoiling it are you English!
As for us joining the EU , that will be for us to decied, the South of Ireland joined and until the latest financial world problems they be doing quite well., They be at least free of the English yolk. And that is what this is adjectives about.
hey, i remember you, clearly you made an impression on me ending time
bigotry and ignorance dont usualyl stick with me so well done

bring over it man, its quite sad you spend so much of your time, as an engilsh man, worying about what scotland is doing or not doing and the snp

poor you ;-( wah wah

what is the problem, you got your tories contained by, they willl ruin scotland, along with everywhere else
is that not enough for you, undoubtedly not
Possibly never, since not only will the free prescriptions stop, but so will the free drugs, housing benefit, MPs expenses and other little favours that those north of the border always forget something like when insulting the English.

Truth is, there is no more money, so if Scotland does go independent they will hold to either jump surrounded by fully with Europe and become the poor man of the continent or they will have to become the authoritative 51st state of the USA.

Many remaining Scots will simply leave the place of their birth.

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