Whats wrong next to Obama why do the republicans revulsion him is it cos hes black?

All I ever see is about obama is closeted insults thinly veil racist tendencies about his presidency , how much of the criticism of him is founded within race and how much is a genuine attack on his policies and why, what are the biggest complaints about his policy's including health strictness
i dont no pure racsism if you ask me but i thought everyone loved him?
no the republicans only just ever agree perfectly with democratic concept to begin with,also obama hasnt followed through beside anything hes said he will do and nothing is changing for the better. adjectives he has been doing is acting similar to hes still in a campaign. im a republican so it is not his see for me it is just what he is doing. he has not done anything to lower taxes or fix the national debt. the only thing hes be doing is increasing programs that take money from those people who pay cheque their taxes and then giving it away to people who don't even try to work. thats other peoples money going to citizens who dont do anything? they should at least have to do community services to go and get money. also the health care accomplishment would make it so that docters would not take time into charitable. i do agree though that everyone should have to have healthcare. that mode people wouldnt be constantly running hospital bills up then fileing collapse and leaving all those unpaid bills which hold to be paid somehow which is pry tas money.
he's not getting things done, not doing what he promised, he claimed to hold all the answers to everything, somehow i don't see them. Source(s): my superior intellect He promised too much and has not come through next to his promises. Hopefully he will but he has had adequate time to do so. Its a shame really as hes the first black president amd he is failing misseraby at it
I'm not a Republican but I can offer you my criticisms.

The stimulus be huge spending that didn't get much done. Government cannot create permanent private sector job, that is up to the private sector. Spending $787 billion is only going to move money around. Moving money around doesn't assist the economy much because the money is just transferred minus something being created. If nothing is created consequently wealth is also not created. The health guardianship bill is a disaster. It introduces more government into a market that be already devastated by government intervention. The individual insurance mandate is not only unconstitutional, but it also doesn't changeover the fact that some people cannot afford insurance. Even beside the subsidies offered, which is paid for by the rest of society, some people will struggle to own insurance. Since when are we entitled to a service? Why can't I just get a free plumber or a free mechanic? What around an electrician? The free market works well at pushing down prices surrounded by absence of barriers to entry, lamentably we haven't had a truly free market. He is calculation to an already high debt (yes, part of which belongs to Bush) and we own yet to get out of the war. His administration is very interventionist surrounded by the way it handles foreign nation and I fear that will end up hurting us even further (we subsidized Saddam, our enemy are using American weapons, and this is because of interventionism). He also wasn't hard ample on the military when it comes to DADT. We need to repeal it, and we need to do it immediately.

I will say that I support his lifting on the embryonic stem cell research ban, and I did agree next to him that we need to close Gitmo.

EDIT- I'm not necessarily against NH because it is "socialism," I'm against it because it isn't society's burden to pay for your robustness care. I don't trust government one involved in much, and I certainly don't want them close by my health care. You wouldn't infer because you aren't American; you don't have the same values. The British are okay beside big government because they were skilled their it is okay. America is different. The private sector provides here, not the government. The free market is much more decisive, and Keynesian economics isn't doing very well. Maybe it's time we start listen to what Mises has been proverb.

Different values, different preferences. To each his own.
Uh.. it's because his policies SUCK..

ALL his policies SUCK Source(s): Current Events An author once claimed that 80% of voters in a given party elect someone base solely on party affiliation. So it's safe to right to be heard they "Hate" him because he's from the opposing party, not because he's black. The other 20% attack his policies because they don't fit their model of management, the policy is unsound or too costly, or because they are socialist. A socialist program is not necessarily a bad program (look at social security or medicare), it simply doesn't function capably in our system. Very few people certainly attack Obama based on race, They attack him for person a socialist or communist. This is mostly incorrect, the difference between communism and socialism is that Socialism controls an economic system, or market, and senate programs while communism aims to control a state, it's market system, and acts as the deputation in a one-party system. The health effort reform bill is a socialist program, the state through taxes provides universal robustness care as opposed to private insurance or non-government effort programs, but FDR instituted socialist programs as well. you'll find the majority of Anti-Obama campaigns are simply that he's a Democrat, he supports democrat policies, and govt. models and he's adjust the system to fit that. but then all presidents do that.
He get just as many votes as any white Liberal would hold gotten at the time. So now all of the sudden he is voted against because he is black? If he be not black he would have been voted against by Conservatives anyway. Does not nouns like racism to me. Conservatives do not like Liberalism-race does not enter into it.
maybe most of it is his policies. it is not in the order of race you should check out his racist remarks. His health watchfulness plan well why should I pay extra 3% of my income for lousy service when the docs dont bring paid. yes we need shake-up but not his way also we should I pay for form care for someone who refuses to work
No body gave a **** about you Liberals maxim stuff about Bush, but because he's black we can't insult him? Typical Liberal attitude.
They antipathy him because he won the last election.
Yep thats it. Damn you figured it out Source(s): sarcasm It's all see and it's Bush's fault.

Too bad he isn't white next your unintelligent kind might hold to try to argue his merits, which there are none.

It has nought to do with race. He is a communist. Republicans love freedom and detestation tyranny.
Some people are just idiots.
Look, he was ELECTED by Americans. Do not try and report me that NOW, all that voted for him are racist! Get a clue. This man has proven, within 18 months, that he is inept for this job. Please, check out the oil spill contained by the Gulf, from ALL sides! Secondly, he has become an apologist for the U.S.A.
For everything we have EVER done! WWI, WWII, Viet Nam, on and on......how dare he! Americans do not apologize! If we made mistakes, our intentions be always honorable. Also, most Americans do not want us to move towards his Health Care Bill, it is socialism! Racist?
How DARE you.
Go Scott Brown (R) !!
Writer from Massachusetts, USA
He's a hardcore n*gga so they be tryin to can`t stand
Obama is the worst president in US history and i.e. color-blind.

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