My boyfriend desires to mix the Marine corp?

He and I met in our marine corp rotc program contained by school. I knew he have a dream of going military, but at that time I didn't care. Well now that we're surrounded by a serious long term relationship, I can't stand this fact. I love him to annihilation and don't want to lose him, or have him return a different man. Ever since I was 11 and my uncle combined the army for the first time, I swore I would never marry a military man. Only thing is, I hope to marry him. But now I don't believe I could bring children into a military home. I want to support him, but I don't know if I should just support him and shut up or continue to convince him to not associate so I can have the dream of a normal ancestral..? Sorry it's so long
If he's motivated as much as we are to join the Marine Corps, your best bet is to just support him. He's going through ROTC so if he's going to be an officer he'll be better bad than us enlistee's. I doubt he'll change his mind. Me, even my brother who got out contained by august 08 refused/refuse to change our mind about joining. He's gone too far, so its going to transpire. Good luck with the relationship. Hope all works out. Source(s): USCM I grew up contained by a military family and it's really not so bad. It's harder than it used to be because of adjectives the deployments, but otherwise the lifestyle is actually pretty good. Military kids are taken exactness of - they will always have plenty to eat, some place to stay, excellent medical care, and they will grow up beside quite an education - the opportunity to see different parts of this country and even this planet and to join with all kind of people at a young age.
So if you aversion the military so much what the hell were you doing in ROTC?

Let’s simply address the last thing you wrote, if you convince him not to join together and crush his dream….he will resent you immensely. When he sees men and women in uniform, he will know that could own been “him”. He will see you as the source of the ball and cuff that forced him to give up his dreams so he could stay home with an insecure wife who can’t switch her husband being an individual. This resentment will grow and say goodbye to your great normal family. Usually, men who are caged surrounded by by controlling women will eventually break free.
I am planning to join the Air Force sometime next year after me and my fiance procure married. What I can say is this, you should support his decision, but also tolerate him know how you feel. My girl is the same bearing, she has her objections, she doesn't want to lose me to period of war, or see me come back a different man. I am not going to lie to you and let somebody know you this won't happen. He could very powerfully change, but more than likely (if he does) it won't be too big. The military is a appropriate move, it's a good way to support a line when and if you two decide to have kids, nearby are many benefits. On-base housing, he will be paid regularly.

The simply thing that really sucks about him joining is the certainty that we are not in peace time, but are in a period of war. This is one of the most stupid, pointless wars ever. All wars pretty much are, but this one really take the cake. It goes on and on and on, and we are promised that troops will be withdrawn by next year or doesn`t matter what, but our president has lied so much, and they keep sending more and more troops over at hand. Doesn't look like withdrawal to me, looks resembling they are just adding more fuel to the fire.
Well since you are surrounded by ROTC and the Military is paying for your Education...
You best be ready to serve your time and forget about Marriage...

The Divorce rate for First Timers is 95% surrounded by the Corps... Source(s): Retired Marine... My husband is currently in the Air Force ROTC program, so I understand why this is a tough one! The last decision-maker for me was that I could tell that he be happier in the Air Force than he'd ever been beforehand, and so I knew I had to support him. But I've also done plentifully of research and found a lot of great programs available to provide support to spouses and kids while their loved ones are deployed, including babysitting co-ops, organized field trips, support groups, and more. That said (and this is of late something to consider, not a sales pitch) I've heard that the Air Force is the most family-friendly of the branches. I'd suggest that you do some research as powerfully to see what the Marines offer families, and after decide if the lifestyle is one that you can live with or not. If it is really out of the question, you should let him know immediately before things go any further, for both your sakes. Don't ask him to choose between you or the Marines, but consent to him know that this is a huge obstacle in your mortal with him and it's not one that you can overcome; in other words, pass him the opportunity to choose you but do NOT demand it outright. Even if he does choose you in this instance it could front to a lot of long-term resentment if it leaves him feeling unfulfilled, so you ought to consider that too. But waiting to long to natter to him could mean that he's already locked up in a contract or you're far too much within love with him to let him run...and if you've already decided it's impossible for you to be happy within that lifestyle you'll probably end up miserable. Good luck to ya on this one, though...not everyone is cut out to be a Marine so I respect your man for that, and not everyone is willing to settlement with the stress of a military lifestyle so I respect you for considering it!

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