Parental choice re school?

should parents really have the right to chose where their kids run to school? If you live in a deprived nouns due to low mortgage payments, surely this is your choice? Just because you may have had a well-mannered education and the thought to send your kids to another college, why deprive your neighbours of this option. Surely if all parents be forced to send their kids to the local school, the more proactive parents would disagree to improve the local school, to some extent than bridging the gap between wealth and classes. Is this not widen the poor, rich divide?

Are the school with lower stats really poorer school? Are the teachers really poorer? Or are perhaps the kids more confrontational, therefore creating a better teacher man able to spot and help the kids near extra difficulties. Does the stats really reveal that brighter kids aren't getting their potential met, or it is simply that there are more kids per head contained by deprived areas with learning difficulties and behavioural problems, which lower the stats

Is this middle class engrossment with providing the 'best school' for their kids, really helping society at all, or simply creating more divide, and falling chances of success for a more vunerable population

this is a press for the UK thanks
Of course we have a choice. Our taxes walk towards paying for the schools! Many people living surrounded by poorer areas cannot afford to move, many will not have mortgages and are renting. Many will be poorly remunerated but working - doing the sort of jobs that everyone needs done but abundant would not like to do themselves!

What we do need is smaller amount input from the PC brigade and the right for schools to discipline the kids and get the best out of them. I lived within a poor area (essex girl territory) and we had it drummed into us that street waffle was left at the institution gate!

Having a child in a state university at the moment, I can garantee that the bright kids are not reaching their potential. In the year below my child, they do not stream or set kids according to ability. They say the bright kids will bring the standard of the smaller amount able kids up - but they don't say at what cost to the bright kids! Exam results do prove that the bright kids are not achieve their potential - getting Bs and Cs are the norm rather than A*s and As. Whilst this is happening, if parent's enjoy the choice, of course they are going to use it!!

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