Why is it the police benefit the woman?

why do police favour the woman.my partner was drunk, and started attacking me, after i discovered a bailiffs note she hid. as i was restraining her ,the police arrive thieve a statement of her, and arrest me. the next day im released on bail, on the condition i stay 100 yard, away from my home. this lasted 4 months, i did not see my children, i left my work due to stress, i hit the booze, and must not contact her ,in which i took an over dose, and was surrounded by hospital for five days. four months later, a day beforehand im up in court on so called "assault" charges, the cps drop the charge ,due to paucity of evidence. During the 4 months, my partner had wrote numerous letters to the cps & the police, stating i did not assault her, and that it be the other way around. I complained to the cps , but they felt they made the write decision,and that they can still prosecute me if they feel . My faith surrounded by the police and the cps are zero. I now don't grain safe being next to someone, and plan to move on and live alone.
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Many states enjoy an automatic arrest/charge law in cases that appear to be domestic anger. If she stated to the officer on scene that you assaulted her, the police are required to act on it even if she goes rear legs on her previous statement.

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