Why do most americans displayed i the medium regard as the NHS is a discouraging view?

im from the UK, and im just wondering, who gave you the perspective you have? is it taxes? is it some sort of "socialised medicine" "the governments out to draw from us" perspective, or, what is it? im just generally curious, i never really unspoken why people hold this perspective, free health caution without question that's not dependant on insurance coverage, drug when you need it, billing through taxes, taxes based on family circle income, sounds like a good conception doesn't it?
Worry about your own country and we'll do the same okay. Anyone next to their eyes opened can see that the people of Europe enjoy become nothing more then micro manage sheep. You people have even allowed for your own residency to be robbed from you by the cultural marxist elitist in power throughout Europe who prefer you all christen yourselves "Europeans" instead of British or German or Italian etc.
Sadly because it's true. Understand me I've worked for the NHS for the last twenty odd years. Before that I be an army nurse. I'm now 66 and work in a privately owned nursing home (Hey! I have to pay for my daughter's wedding) Recently I had to request GP assistance contained by the early hours of a Sunday morning. (I had an 82 years outdated lady in great throbbing to deal with) I called NHS Direct. I related the problem to a clerical receptionist. She told me some-one would bid me back. After 15 -20 minutes a Nurse called me stern and I related the same story to her. She was unqualified to assist herself and referred me to a GP who called me back at (about) 0600. Again I give out the details about the old female in pain. A doctor eventually come to the Nursing Home at 1030 in the morning and issued a prescription which we could not execute because it was Sunday. My female finally got some effective nouns some thirty painful hours later. Now I'm not against the just what the doctor ordered of universal health contemplation but surely we can do better than this?
For some unknown reason, in USA they construe they know better than the doctors! Do you know that drug companies advertise their drugs in magazine and so that the reader can then go ask for it whether it's needed or not. If they have the NHS they wouldn't be happy because they would either bust it by getting drugs they don't need or they don't get the drugs they want within which case there would be a babe spitting it's dummy out situation.

Besides the people who can afford health thought don't have a problem with the passageway it is. I'm not sure exactly how they feel once they have gotten below par and are refused any cover later on, or aren't allowed to hold treatment because it isn't cost effective. But so long as they aren't seriously ill and can afford it, why carefulness about anybody else.

I currently pay around lb60 per month for my state condition care (and the amount won't be changing because of the state of my health), my state income and some back up if unfortunately I become unemployed- I bet that a hell of closely better than some of those Americans

Drum roll for the thumbs down....
There is a simple explanation, it's because they are extremely, extremely stupid
The NHS contained by Britain has been next to us for over sixty years now and it saved my life span when I was a kid without bankrupt my parents, all that is involved is paying a small national insurance excise every month out of your wages and in return for this SMALL tax you carry FREE treatment , free hospital stays for months if necessary for your whole kinfolk, Free prescriptions and drugs, Free glasses Specs etc

However if you wish to foot (as you Americans do now anyway) theres nothing to stop you most resourcefully off people hold a combination of both for Small complaints or general visit to the doctors for the kids or minor complaints they use the Free NHS, if they want super luxury and waitress service contained by hospital then they opt to pay, but they don't enjoy too, and the truth is these days that most NHS hospitals are as good as private ones anyway.
I really can figure out all the paranoid comments about taking aways freedoms and crap close to that its just a load of tosh feed you by ring wingers looking after the the interests of the big medical insurance groups who stand to lose a fortune.
When are you Americans going to realise that you are being conned by scare campaign instigated by rich b..stards who would rather control who lives and who dies ( their rich friends live and all the easier said than done working americans who are not rich get boned or bankrupted and never recouping financially) some americans who paid all the lives into medical insurance form one claim and get told ( like my brother who is very soon an american citizen and has been for 20 Years) that he claim for heart surgery is not valid and cannot be covered
This would never take place in England the question doesn't even arise if your in poor health you go to hospital even get a latest heart transplant for Free and money si never mentioned
Stop listening to these greedy b..stards, once you have a free vigour service what ever you want to call it if its the same as the UKs you will NEVER run back to your existing system
Most of them are simply uninformed and don't realize that programs like NHS are highly beneficial and surrounded by no way restrict actual freedom.
The NHS is bad since the Government rations your form care. There is a reason why drugs are bent there and legal here similar to drugs to cure breast cancer. The government there can't afford it as the private sector here can. There is a cause why the NHS keeps getting sued to your citizens. That ultimately adds burden to export tax payers.

Alot of Americans are Independent people that don't want Government to hold their hand similar to they are a child.
Rupert Murdock's media corp (FOX), the more one lies and repeats it a 10000 times! It become truth!
Didn't you know that! The rich may die later the poor will die sooner, fact or fiction!

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