Should white europeans get hold of indigenous rights resembling everyone else?

That is a delusional wish, and it'll never begin again GET REAL ! ! !
You seem to be confusing being indigenous, and human being the majority. Take the UK. Whilst the original population was white, and the majority today is white, here is not a single person in the UK who can claim to be entirely directed from the inventive inhabitants of the UK. So having 'indigenous rights' like New Zealand or America might hold would be pointless. So no, white Europeans, who generally can not claim to be indigenous, should not have special rights.

We're adjectives human, after all.
Isn't it incredible how many people will with satisfaction discriminate against Europeans and shout racist at the same time. No indigenous people are undeniably pure, they all moved there from somewhere else if you stir back far enough.

Yes we should enjoy the same rights as black and brown folk do in their countries, and I contravene anyone to give me a good foundation why not.
in that case we should mitt the UK back to the Welsh. And what indigenous rights were awarded to the millions of whites sent to the gas chamber by the Nazi's the BNP admire so much. All people should own basic rights.

when the White Europeans arrived in the USA.... blacks and Mexicans already have build the Empire State building + created the Union + Cars + the US military

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