Hi i own a few question going on for the police?

they came to my house today
are they allowed to swear about my house
are they allowed to brand name comments about my dogs being better bad running away
should they pay for the door clip they broke , when i toldf them they broke it they had a walk at me for my attitude
i dont know of any rules about sweariing, but it's not a apt practice for a civil servant. the comment about your dogs running away may have be hurtful but true in his/her mind and the door clip can be replaced, but you have to pilfer it up with the city, town, count or state depending on what department it was
You say had a incident next to them reading from the back to the front, they came to house, you told em to f stale and they broke a clip when entering, then saw dogs and sounds like n animal control incident and consequently swore about the house in common, is that what happened as I read it.
No it is not professional to come down to your level and swear final at you like you did to them.
Chuck a brick through their station window......or better still, set fire to it, preferably with them contained by it. Cops are social rejects.
if you grain that they did not treat you in the proper manner consequently make a complaint at their police Station
please don't let others inform you its a waste of time, coz its not.
you have a right to be treated surrounded by a decent way Source(s): my manager Don't break the law and they will not come simple.

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