If the Dems Lose the House this November ....?

will Nancy Pelosi resigned, be ignored by her party or what?
When the Liberals lose the house this November, Watch out ! Obama has a moment ago thrown them under the bus. He will use that to further his ambitions.
Come Jan2011. the Bush tax cuts are done. Taxes be in motion up. Come Jan 2011. the taxes start in for the cost of the HC Bill , the stimulus plans etc... all initiated by Obama ( it is going to be a mess.)
Of course Obama will influence he is going to fix it and it will be the Conservatives fault as they will be in power at that time. If he succeeds contained by making people think he is fixing what is the Republicans imperfection , he has a chance of self reelected in 2012 . Hope and pray this does not happen. Pay attention to what is going on , Then.
Of course his accepted wisdom have not worked so far, so maybe they won't work later! All we can do is STAY ALERT!
no she'll probably keep hold of her seat. Unlikely that they'll vote for her opposition contained by her state. BTW I don't understand the hate that the right feel towards her. She's alright and doesn't go out and make stupid statements resembling Rand Paul's "the poor are better off" now does she?
Get more botox
Dream On !
...or get so drunk they can't find it ...

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