Should the United States of America come verbs just about this grease disaster?

Up to this very moment BP has taken the brunt of American accusation and blame in this mammoth environmental disaster which as we speak is unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico.
But should President Obama pass over his anti British rhetoric and blame culture and place the real blame where it should be laid.
At this point within time,The oil drilling company Trans Ocean has be immune from blame and explanation from the White House.
So to my question.
Should America come clean and place the blame where on earth it really lies?And establish what proportion of blame lies with Trans Ocean?
You used the phrase "come verbs." That is what everyone is trying to do "come clean."

The contracts between BP and Trans Ocean most certainly spell out liability issues. Obviously BP holds non-hazardous and indemnifies Trans Ocean, or they would not be accepting liability. Source(s): Retired claims adjuster. I don't know if you saw Haywood's testimony to the committee; he confirmed that BP were responsible for the design for the grease extraction, and not Trans Ocean.
I'd rather the Obama Administration come clean on why they've be intentionally taking steps to make the crisis much worse than it needed to be. They barely did anything for nearly two months. Not solely that, but they piled on red tape to prevent anyone else from taking action to prevent injure and work to clean up.

As for BP, there's been plenty plenty evidence of their negligence in this situation. That's not to mention their pretty horrible record over former times handful of years, too. But even still, they were somehow approved for the drilling operation and even excused from having to submit the generally required environmental impact reports.

BP isn't the only entity involved, but they played the biggest role and were responsible for the drilling rig.
I remember when people protest more or less offshore drilling
well nobody want to listen to them and now it's taking place
UK have only 1% more of BP shares than USA , so they should pocket the blame as well as UK..........

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