British Armed Forces - Is at hand much risk anyone within the Royal Artillery?

By 'risk' I mean risk of coming under attack. It wouldn't put me of, but I'm simply interested as the armed forces have interested me for some time now and I be looking at the Royal Artillery as a AS90 Gunner or a High Velocity Missile Gunner.
It's a bit of a naive question to be honest. You will in need doubt be sent to Afghanistan at some point, which is a war zone, so of course it's risky.As someone have already mentioned, RA also carry out foot patrols surrounded by Afghanistan and some have been kill and injured. You don't just sit many miles away from trouble dropping shells on culture. Having said that, the army can be an excellent career move that can have a energy changing effect on a young man for the dutiful, just don't be under any illusion about it. Once you're trained, your worries will lessen slightly and you will most likely, approaching the majority of soldiers that go to Afghanistan, be keen to put your training into practice . Although it is risky going to Afghanistan, as sector of the British Army, it's no where near as risky as man there as part of the Taliban!
my friend is in the royal artillery and he is on the front line alot patrol etc he is based at belfast spends 7 months on tour
RA members will work as infantry, often working as trainers near the Afghan army etc, there are not many guns within Afghanistan but RA regiments will take a full tour, those that are not feeding the guns will conduct yourself as infantry.
Is in that a risk in war?

Hell yeah.
There's other a risk, no matter what section.

Even if you're working surrounded by a little office, doing rounds next to a bug, there's a chance some sicko will , say, fly a plane into the building. Boom, unmoving.
More than one of my relatives have died, and they weren't even in the paddock of combat, they were just helping sick and wounded soldiers. One shot surrounded by the head is all it take.
You can work with attack dogs, and get ripped up by them.
You can be loading a gun and something go wrong.
Backfires, plugs, bombs, infiltrations, a ricochet, and so on and so forth.
The list is literally endless.

So I would vote there's a risk, yeah, but that clearly doesn't seem to bother you.

Strong of heart,
Strong of mind,
Doing their duty,
Serving for a time.

Wars fought for freedoms.
It's why our countries still stand, It's why we aren't being murdered surrounded by our beds by terrorists.
People like you, who are inclined to step up and risk their lives, that's why these countries mean anything.
People like my great-grandpa, who fought within Korea and came back, THESE are the culture we should be honoring and making memorials for instead of putting up statues of Stalin.
War... isn't a game. It can't be taken lightly, by the ancestors, the government, or the soldiers.
There WILL be a risk.
And I think that's something you are of a mind to take.

So, Liam, take your flag, and keep hold of it high.
Never let it decline.
Take aim, and set your sights on target.
Keep your country yours.
Be able to accept you are taking lives.
It's much easier within theory, but reality is acerbic.
Know that you can die at any time.
You are expendable on just about any rank.
Understand that all actions enjoy consequences.
Even if it's really little, there are repercussions.

And lastly, just be sure...
To come final.
There is an element of risk within every job in the services, even within ceremonial units you could be thrown from a horse and crippled. So you are under no more or no smaller quantity risk than any other job in the service. Source(s): over 20 years (Infantry) still serving I want you to discharge close attention to what I say. If you are going to do this, if you seriously have an interest, you MUST budge into already specializing in a position as a gunner that has to USE MANUAL TARGETING AND DEPLOYMENT. If you progress in in any other position as of late another entry level guy, YOU WILL BE EXPENDABLE. Also you will be very bored, because the machines will be programmed already and you will purely be doing the eqivalent of point and click.

And remember, it IS about KILLING. Make sure your loyalties lie next to the lifestyle that you are enforcing/defending. You don't want to pretend ignorance and think the cause is a short time ago if you have doubts. Get involved in it on a personal height or you will not like yourself, I barely know you, but I know that you are compelled towards the perfect of all who want the same. Also, I believe within the right to use deadly force against those who would take your choices and likelihood from you. I just have on the other hand to see any GOVERNMENT or other world power worthy of fighting for. I used to believe that the American dream was solid. Then I watched the reruns and saw behind the scene footage. Now I stand for a smaller bit of ground in Arizona the Beautiful. The State is hanging on to our rights for dear natural life. Choose your targets well, Gunner Liam. Then fire away. I trust your discretion.
Look at how abundant blokes from 4 Regt RA have died during this current Herrick tour. I think that will answer your query. Source(s): serving soldier

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