Can a kid be a Private Investigator?

i mean like within Charlies Angels their pprivate investigators. But can a kid be one?? Cuz the enemy wont expect it nd its easier probally? well can they?? nd if they can, can sum1 telll me how to become 1?? Thank You
I ponder you can...why not.. you can learn most of the stuff on the net.. but you may call for someone to sign contract or request information by mail on your behalf though.. read all roughly it..
I think you're watching too much TV.

Charlies Angels don't exist., Nor are there any similar PI roles.

Most PI's sit within cars watching errant husbands going into and leaving addresses excluding that of their family home. Thrilling stuff indeed.

Have you thought about applying to be a maverick cop and getting a saloon with big white stripe on it, instead?

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