Law in connection with loud dogs?


Over the road from my house there is a bungalow which has two Staffordshire Bull Terriers living surrounded by. The family who live in the house are a nuciance anyhow, but to be precise a seperate issue. Anyway the dogs bark extremely loudly and continually every time anything or anyone moves near the road, every morning when i take off they run to the gates they live in and yap forever, and i havent even got anywhere near the road however, let alone them. It is even more of a niucanse when i try to walk my dog, as they yelp even louder then. I feel that it is a disturbance and if i could move about to speak to the family about it next i would, but they are threatening and i am scared to even go to their house to be without a flaw honest. What is the law regarding this issue surrounded by the UK, and how would i go about file a complaint about it?


This is a form of noise bind and you may complain to the Environmental Health Department of your local authority. However, there may be problems serving the summons if nobody can approach the house!…
your local council has an environmental form department contact them..

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