Is manly prison rape adjectives within UK prisons as it is surrounded by America?

Just curious really. I was watching a documentary about it and that get me thinking.
Rape is not common at adjectives in any UK prison. But bullying is.
Probably so; as they say boys will be boys.
Iv'e been in prison twice and never see it here. Bullying definitely happens and some ethnic group are there looking for a scrap. For most culture if someone tried it I think they would get worsted up.
no rape is not common
contained by most cases it is consented sex but as most people don't talk more or less it its impossible to know
some prisoners may feel forced into it if their cell mate seems intimidating but again its easier said than done to say
the number of rapes reported to staff is very low Source(s): my go before No it is not. it is extremely rare. Source(s): I work for HMP

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