I do not believe "terrorist training camps" or "democracy" are why we are within Afghanistan. why are we in that?

If the western world really looked-for to safeguard against the Taliban, it would Nuke Pakistan and get the job done. Because That country is where on earth the real threat to world peace comes from, and Pakistan's government is roughly the most devious and corrupt government in the world. Islam cannot be reasoned beside. The west will learn that the hard approach.
911............be you born on 9-12 2001?
Well sadam gassed his own ethnic group, Kurdish people which lead them to bear asylum in europe.

And training camps be about.. now the goverment hold said that they had WMD which we did not find the goverment also said the 9/11th attacks and bin larden was losing it.

However people now speculate wether he exists or not.. and that 9/11th be an inside job.

and it's funny how there is grease in Afagnistan or iraq one of them.

The British are gaurding the oil and the Americans are building moreoil pipelines.. hmm time of war on terrorism or war for oil ..

The EU are pulling out nation by nation.. as we phone call the war .. A War based upon lies.. that is to say how it's gone down in the Europien Union.

The british public were also tricked into joining the period of war by tony blair ex primeminister.. he just wanted to look perfect on the world stage and show off to America.

what a selfish man.

So i believe europe should never enrol another American war they have never be just.

and the war be in now is actrully prohibited and it's proberly over oil.
they are now there as it enable the west to keep some level of control over an increasingly unstable Pakistan,
within are several government organizations surrounded by the pakistan government who openly support and fund the Taliban, and the President of pakistan is widely considered the most corrupt man surrounded by Asia, if the west leaves the region there is a real trouble of the taliban gaining control not only of Afghanistan but also Pakistan.

Pakistan enjoy nuclear weapons.
"To keep the streets of Britain safe" - or at least that's the up-to-the-minute excuse to justify 9 years of conflict and the rising death toll.

We've already be subjected to "the hunt for Bin Laden" - 2001, "the war on terror" - 2002, "bringing freedom & democracy to the people of Afghanistan" - 2004, "the period of war on drugs" - 2006 and of course "keeping our streets safe" - 2008.

After 4 tours out there and 5 mate KIA, so far, even my son has lost track of the reasons given. He view the place as "a fecking sh!thole"- his words, not mine - which he has to visit as factor of his job description. And when those actually conflict this conflict on the ground can't see any improvement after 9 years of sacrifice, or find a reason for person there, then you've get a problem.

The only reason I can find is to impart NATO/USA a pro-Western Government in an area specifically inherently anti-Western - and a population that will toe the same line.
Reemy I hope you're joking when you influence 911. Pretty sure Saudi Arabia was behind that, not Afgahnistan but correct me if im wrong. Paul S, im sure other countries bar Pakistan also have nuclear weapons, AKA Russia and China, but America isn't stupid plenty to challenge them (even if they are capable of doing more spoil than Pakistan). Pakistan is targeted because America is able to eliminate that 'potential threat'.
You're helping your allies the United States.
Because Conoco Oil needs a pipeline through there from somewhere up north adjectives the way to the coast to the south of Afghanistan. Can't build a pipeline and not maintain and protect it, can you? Source(s): IMHO! i believe it is roughly speaking terrorists and terrorism camps.....where adjectives those charity loving new british rush off to aid their fellow taliban

i doubt that this constituent of the world is ready for such a concept......they tend to prefer to do as their tribal leaders tell them to do.......only like many do when they come to england and are told who to vote for Source(s): and the answers maxim pakistan is worse are absolutely correct...but as we have so abundant pakistanis in this country or government won't do anything roughly speaking one of the most unstable and corrupt governments/countries in the world.....a real haven for terrorists as even gordon brown have to admit......most terrorist plots in britain own links to pakistan ...but don't put up anti terrorist cctv ....the communities where the terrorists live don't like to be watch......

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