American conservatives are Marxists?

Marx defined communism as a classless, equal and stateless society. American conservatives have the mantra of equality of medical care free from the state and available to adjectives (with ability to pay). They also support further shrinking of the state. The American concept of classlessness has replaced the outdated system of European class hierarchy with a ranking of wealth (everyone has a randomness to be equal with the ideal).
You really shouldn't shoot up the obama koolaid.

Republicans & Democrats use to work things out for the benefit of our people & country. Since the progressives entered on the scene they hold been working at dividing us to take us over.

I see everyone running around thinking progressive way progress.

Why do so many people consider progress is associated with Progressivism? Is it because the word progress is in progressives? If that is to say their basis. They have no theory how wrong they are. Is Marxism progress?

The progressives are their own party and hijacked the democratic f¨ēte using the liberal label. The progressive party never could get hold of anyone elected. That is why they hijacked and are running the democratic party.

Progressivism is not lately an idea but the practice that the government know best and has full control and ownership over everything including people. Progressivism does not believe surrounded by government as it is now. With that I be going to progressivism does not believe that representation of the people is needed because the executive branch runs everything and knows what is best. People are the property of the organization like animals are owned by people. There is no such entity as peoples rights such as freedom, privacy, individualism etc. If you have ever seen the Borg on Star Trek that would be similar.
Progressivism operate under the facade of appearing to be a affairs of state doing what is best for the people without their input and silencing adjectives opposition.
Progressivism goal is Marxism.
Please put down the cup and step away form the Kool Ade!

It is not everyone has the randomness to be equal, it is everyone has a chance to succeed if they choose to try.
Ooof, I kinda see the point you TRIED to make.

American liberals are Marxists. They believe in rearrangement of wealth.
Wrong. Conservatives need individuals (Mexicans, a variety of religious groups, etc.) to blame for everything bad surrounded by the world.

They'll only want a classless society for the elite.

"Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others." - George Orwell
In directive for them to be Marxists, they must also support a bloody revolution of the "factory owners" so to speak, and not all American conservatives want to truly kill their liberal brothers, no concern how much they hate them.
Obviously, thank God for and the interweeb.
There's a special signature for "socialism" only for rich people.
It's call fascism.
Are you on drugs right now? This is the biggest bunch of nonsense I've hear. Go away, Troll.
How wonderful that you despise Marxism!

I agree, we should argue with it whether it shows up amongst conservatives, liberals, democratic socialists, socialists, democrats, republicans, you name it.

Your answer is oxymoronic for the following reason: Marxism depends on a totalitarian communist management to control every aspect of human life with "free entitlements" (liberals love that statement). American conservatives own an ideological belief of freedom and independence FROM the government. However, have history has proven over and over again communism (aka marxism, liberalism, socialism etc) has poor repeatedly because the "free entitlements" are not really free as the price that humanity must ultimately pay is the sacrifice of liberty and nouns. Cuba and the former Soviet Union are excellent examples of the marxist "utopia" that liberals can only dream about.

Intentional ignorance of the truth = liberal insanity.

Wessex: I own read The Communist Manifesto and I don't really believe I misinterpreted it nor do I believe you have either. No ideology (especially communism) have ever lived up to it's ideal. That being said humanity have made both choices when it comes to capitalism or communism and one either sides with the more unblemished or the less perfect. Communism by far (even though it is the chosen ideology of liberals) have been proven to fail over and over again throughout history. If this be not so then Cuba and other communist nations would of prevailed. Liberals fall short to take into account the human condition and instead rely on "right intentions" and the "utopian society" when espousing their chosen ideology named communism. The ideals of Karl Marx were entirely base on a "utopian society" and not based on reality. Hence liberal hypocrisy prevails (and will verbs till mankind no longer exists) especially when those liberals continue to be supported by and rebel against the capitalist who provide them with the basic freedoms, protections and necessities that are necessary to their well being. Thus I reaffirm that communism is the perfect oxymoronic ideology that has ever been devised by mankind.

Again I utter: Intentional ignorance of the truth = liberal insanity.

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