Should nearby be a short-term halt to philosophical marine offshore drilling for the moment?

"Calls for a moratorium on deep-sea offshore drilling in the North Sea have be rejected by the government."…
Yeah, we should drill on territory instead
Depends how okay your safety standards were enforced.
YES. No drilling surrounded by the ocean whatsoever. At all.
There should be a PERMANENT halt to deep sea drilling.
The Norwegian Government think there should be:…

But nearby again is not Norwegian oil state-owned? While our "coalition" of Eton Trifles and "pink" tories have shown that they will do anything to bolster their friends surrounded by the private sector - from effectively cutting the income of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged contained by our society by 25% to turning a blind eye to the rape of the environment by "free market" sources.
Why sure, and by that logic since here were hundreds of car crashes yesterday and various deaths by autos we should ban adjectives cars too!
For safety reason yes,..if you were a member of the public.
For monetary reasons,,...because land base reserves are on the way out.

Why is Saudi Arabia seeking "off shore" reserves?


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