Are you adjectives delighted near the policies of the Conservative elected representatives so far?

so far, cuts to nhs, cuts to police, cuts in publice services, cuts to wellfare,cuts on crime prevention,so on? Are you happy so far? ohh and house re-posseion hasn't started even so, Remember the 80's and 90's under the tories,Hundreds of thousands had thier houses repossesed.
How could anyone except the rich be happy with the policies of a Conservative rule?

Labour saved our sorry credit greedy little butts the first time round. Now we're about to find out what would hold happened had the Conservatives be in power in 2008.

I'm not looking forward to seeing how an inexperienced incompetent management runs things during a recession.

Unfortunately I already know how a Tory government runs things during a recession. It'll be interesting to see if this younger generation are any different from the elder lot.

Younger voters REMEMBER the lesson that you're about to be taught. Please don't generate the same mistake at the next see. By then you will have learn the difference between a Labour government and a Tory government and within will be an extra 1 - 2,000,000 unemployed people contained by this country, maybe more.
It sounds like things are good within the UK. The people need to terminate the government handouts including supposed "crime prevention."

Good luck converting away from socialism and communism.
It sounds approaching the new elected officials are taking steps to try to prevent a similar divine intervention to that of Greece and other European nations that are bankrupt or going broke as a result of irresponsible entitlement programs.
Nice to see they hold kept their promises then. Whoever we got within the UK was going to bugger the system up even more.

The eventual aim is to restore the power of the landowners/toffs and keep the public surrounded by a form of serfdom hence cuts in wages, increased taxes etc.

Lets all bestow.
Assuming you're talking about the U.S....

Anything is preferable to the jack(a)ss we own in the White House right now. Obama's perverted ideology will damage this country for generations. Open your eyes.
"Hundreds of thousands had thier houses repossesed"

Hundreds of thousands shouldn't have bought houses they couldn't afford. If they once could hold met the mortgage payment and now can't, sell-it / move. It is "just" shelter..budge rent.

"cuts to nhs, cuts to police, cuts in publice services, cuts to wellfare,cuts on crime prevention"

Fact - World Wide Recession.
Fact - Decrease in taxable revenue to pay packet for crap.
Fact - Government spends more than it earns (even in a upright year).
Fact - Government HAS to cut spending
:) how funny you think Conservatives are contained by power. Liberals are....look at Obama!
Huh! How could anybody own possibly predicted conservatives would institute those kinds of policies?
I wish they were surrounded by charge.......last I heard, the spend-happy liberals be controlling everything......
You hold to remember that 80% of all new pains services were bull sh*t Quangos that got salaried huge amounts but didn't actually do anything. in some cases quangos that be found to not even have a business address. " but all legal" Most owned by New graft MPs relatives or friends. Share holders being MPs wives children ETC ETC. The usual thieving MP tricks, smoke and mirrors etc. New labour still is to this hours of daylight, infested with liars thieves and embezzler. It amazes me that the British public haven't demanded that they be brought to justice. IE I had no model that my husband had re mortgaged our half a million pound house, that be in both our names, to do hes dodgy operation with the Italian prime minister......OR John Prescott's classic. When I sold off council houses to at lb5000.00 respectively. I didn't realise that my son owned part of the company that I sold them to..........A euro MP... French, once described the labour entertainment as the British mafia. Its going to take generations to uncoil the damage that new job has done to the baggage of the soldiers killed in their Phony war based on deliberate and calculated lies. Their family will never get over the damage that those parasitic criminals enjoy done.
Broadly yes what they're having to isn't nice but is compulsory to clean up Labours mess.
Prioritising cutting the deficit over staying out of recession, make me uneasy.

I trust the government has analysed closely to create a good strategy. To me it seems that it is counterproductive to risk recession beside severe budget cuts.
Ability to raise taxes, and therefore cut the deficit trimly, relies on low unemployment.
yes. they are doing good. as for houses repossessed? this didnt take place in the last 13 years?
Reducing the deficit does not improve the UKs discount in any way.... one and only its creditworthiness marginally...

The Financial Crisis is not related to the Budget Deficit.

This is only ideology and that too minus any specific purpose...

Cameron and Osborne may well either be:

-absolutely and utterly removed from the actuality of the British people
-have utter total contempt for everyone except the rich
-an actual belligerence against the UK and its economy and race..

I've think its time to leave to country.. Its going to win very very unpromising ..
Dubai seems nice

I would advise others to do so as all right ...

And if you voted Tory .. You're scum...
if u cant feed um dont breed um

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