If you hold a 2 year suspended sentance for a possession drug charge,will you be refuse contained by to the USA?

Its a U.K Citizen and the suspended sentance was issued in Southern Ireland?

What are the law? This person has no previous convictions?
If the individual in question is a citizen of the UK, hold them use ESTA. Make sure they are 100% honest when they do this. If they are approved on ESTA then they are okay. If ESTA is denied, then they will enjoy to officially apply for a visitors visa. Depending on the circumstances, they may or may not receive one.
There is no under 2 yrs is a mistake rule with US immigrations.
If the human being was a minor when the offense occurred, next there are exceptions.

Unfortunately, the details will be on INTERPOL's database so it's very probable. Also, if he/she tries to enter, they will be arested then deported at customs and aditionally billed. So, it's better to go to the American Consulate and apply for a non immigrant visa first. That instrument entry is decided before they travel.

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