Is tony blaire doing a right profession contained by the middle east ?

or is he the right man for the job
If he stays a long way from UK that will be fine by me.
Perhaps his friend Bush could find him a job on the arable farm!
Remind me - what has he acheived?
who in that region is going to nick a blind bit of notice of him, so impossible job really..

middle east envoy lol..
I hope he does, he has alot of repenting to do for those sins him and ol bush committed. Source(s): Iraq+ Afghanistan he be when he was prime minister back later.
Tony Blair is no longer contained by office.
I doubt very much that he is, considering how appallingly he managed to crumple the UK while he was prime minister.

(BTW he's not the prime minister any more. THANK CHRIST!)
Putting Tony Blair in charge of "Peace" within the Middle East

Is a little bit like putting Ian Huntley surrounded by charge of a "child safety" project . . .
Oh that's be he is on holiday at the moment its hard to keep track of his holiday destinations very soon a days , as he hasn't done zilch since they gave a so called work going on holiday all the time.
Giving tony Blaire the job of peace envoy within the middle east was akin to giving Hitler the job of Ambassador to the German embassy contained by Israel. It just shows what a nasty cold hearted bullying cynical monster world senate is going to be. Blaire is pissing on the graves of the hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and little children that hes deliberate and calculated lies sanctioned the slaughter of.....Al-Qaeda is a SHAM. Blaire would not be alive now if it be what we are lead to believe. That murdering rat fits in other to the catholic church, the safe harbour of various many terrible sic bastard Nazis murderers and paedophiles. Its no surprise that the Catholic church welcome Slaughterer Blair with open arms. I wonder if he see the hundreds of thousands of graves when he sleeps at night.
He took this country into a Middle-east war, so why should he lauded for being a peace originator ?
Who makes these totally un-representative Media calls ? like peas in a pod people who twice voted Kerry katona as `mother of the year`

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