Was D.R. Kelly kill. why is it not talk something like any more?

plezz check this sight out and tell me what you ponder.

We dont talk going on for people that died last week agree to alone 7 years ago.

The news moves on
He was almost definitely murder by nefarious people within the US and british management. If the CIA was involved, then forget it: within is a media blackout. They get away beside smuggling drugs, murder, child porn, and many other evils.
Yes, as was British Labour leader John Smith and former British foreign minister Robin Cook. In truth Dr. Kelly is discussed more than the other two suspect British cases. Source(s): flawless truth sites

http://www.bollyn.com/ Unless his family really want to pursue the matter later it seems as if it should rest.
There have be many articles in the Daily Mail roughly speaking this for the past month. A group of 7 Doctors are trying to get the Government to investigate his loss. There was no Inquest as required by law. They are trying to overturn the ruling that adjectives papers relating to him are not be opened for 70 years.
Google him and see what the latest report is.

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