Do you suppose if God really know how stupid humans will be he would still create us? what really for?

GOD knew exactly what would happen and exactly how stupid some populace would be when he created us, why he created us was so that he more or less have something to do is the easiest way to explain it.. to GOD we are like his pets that he take care of like we would a cat or dog or what ever...
We are here to experience. "stupid" is a relative point. our mind create this vision of life. so you can't really know what's sincerity.

No PURPOSE No REASON just experience, share information and growing memory = we are in a virtual digital actuality.
The really interesting part of your question is the "What for"
Humans are as organic to the earth as water is.

Humans are the smartest existence form in our universe.
God knows exactly how stupid humans are

"God created man (humans) in his own image"
Humans have taken over the planet as the dominant species. Doesn't nouns stupid to me.
It is unlikely that you fit the qualifications for individual a member of the species.

Thanks for the 2 points - troll
yer i assume he would, hes just playing the sims with us

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